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By | August 12, 2021

Living Larger By Downsizing Weight Loss: How Radio’s Big Boy Dropped 300 Pounds

After knowing weight problems become possibly going to kill him, Big Boy opted for weightloss surgical procedure. He misplaced greater than three hundred kilos and received a brand new appreciation for life.

Big Boy in no way felt awful approximately his heavyweight. He wasn’t teased as a child. He wasn’t lambasted as an adult. On the contrary, Big Boy become rewarded for residing massive—literally. “I have become snug with being that size,” he stated. “Being snug, I may want to accommodate 500 kilos. If I desired to force, I could force a larger car. If I desired a match, I could get a match made.” He did not cover his weight; he coupled it together along with his funny, charismatic character to create a radio persona. His weight have become a quintessential part of his character.

Being overweight wasn’t continually clean though. On airplanes, Big Boy could have to shop for  seats and use the empty seat’s tray-desk due to the fact he become too big to apply his own. He could additionally worry obsessively approximately his luggage due to the fact he knew that he wouldn’t be capable of simply visit the “nearby mall and purchase an 8X shirt.”

Big Boy stated he attempted dropping weight, did yo-yo diets, or even misplaced 110 kilos in the course of a promo with Will Smith, who forked over $1,000 for each misplaced pound. After seeing that $110,000 take a look at, Big Boy remembers heading properly for an eating place for nachos. “At the very last weigh-in I type of threw it away due to the fact I notion I become done,” he says. “Will Smith reduce the take a look at and the promo to become over. I become done.”

Big Boy did not devour normal element sizes. “You cannot smoke a bit little bit of heroin,” he explained. “You cannot smoke a bit little bit of crack. I could not have a bit little bit of nachos.”

Waking Up From Fat

Big Boy received all of the weight back, plus greater. After he re-packed the kilos, Big Boy observed ache in his decrease back, numbness in his leg, and shortness of breath. At 33, he commenced to impeach his life-style. “I commenced to invite myself, man, do you’ve got got greater years in the back of you than you genuinely do in the front of you? Because you do not see any 500-pound 65-year-antique guys taking walks round.” The notion scared him.

big boy weight loss surgery

Big’s converting attitude made him understand the risk he become placing himself in. “Everything which you do is sort of a credit scorecard. If it is more than one intercourse partner, if it is drinking, if it is smoking, something you’ll do, you’ll maintain charging that card—charging, charging, charging.” For Big, fried chicken, his weight and his 8X shirts had been taking on his credit score balance. He knew he could in some unspecified time in the future must pay: “Was it going to be a coronary heart attack? Was it going to be diabetes? Whatever it becomes going to be, I become going to must pay for it,” he stated.

Although he had controlled to keep away from fitness problems—his blood strain and ldl cholesterol had been normal—Big knew that something awful had become possibly on its way. Although he did not talk approximately this together along with his own circle of relatives or friends, he stated he “may want to truly sense that dying becomes coming.”

He knew he needed to make a few critical and on-the-spot modifications to his lifestyle. Eating plates of nachos simply wasn’t going to reduce it anymore. Given the enormity of each his frame and his situation, Big determined to kick-begin his weight reduction with a bariatric surgical procedure. The selection to permit a physician to reduce, staple, and reconfigure his belly and intestines become now no longer a clean one; however in his case, it grew to become out to be the proper one.

Big determined to have a form of a bariatric surgical procedure known as the “Duodenal Switch,” wherein a health practitioner gets rid of 70% of the belly and reattaches the smaller belly to the decrease-0.33 of the small intestine. This permits the frame to soak up fats simplest for a confined quantity of time, which normally quantities to a trifling 20 percent of general fats intake. Less meals and much less fats coupled with an excellent eating regimen and a wholesome lifestyle usually end in critical weight reduction. That’s what passed off for Big.

The After Party

Eight years, and greater than three hundred kilos after his surgical procedure, Big Boy says he nevertheless struggles with element control. “I’ve nevertheless were given element distortion,” he says. “I nevertheless every so often orders with my eyes and now no longer with the scale of my belly.”

Today, he makes a specialty of an excellent eating regimen and physical activities regularly. Although he is now no longer a fitness center freak, he does martial arts and runs round together along with his 5-year-antique son, who he calls a “Speedy Gonzales.”

His eating regimen favors objects like chicken, leafy greens, and juice. Although his frame can deal with quite a lot of any form of meals, he makes positive that he eats as cleanly as possible. There are times, like whilst he is on vacation, that Big Boy will devour fried chicken, however, it is rare.

Now, what Big places in his mouth is preserving him alive as opposed to slowly killing him. Because his belly cannot deal with a massive quantity of meals, he needs to gather a lot of his vitamins from dietary supplements like hint minerals, kidney extract, liquid vitamins, calcium and protein bars, and shakes. Without those essential vitamins, Big Boy dangers nutrition deficiency and malnutrition.

The After Party big boy weight loss surgery

Big Advice

Big Advice

For folks that are withinside the equal location as Big Boy changed into earlier than the surgery, his recommendation is

“anything they do needs to be for them.”

Although he had a huge guide system, Big Boy declares,

“I had to make sure I supported myself and loved myself as much as the people around me.” 

When the transfer turns on, and also you need to change, Big says,

“It starts with you first. You can’t do it for anyone else.”

Now Big Boy unearths himself marveling on the matters maximum people take for granted.

“Now, I can get a ticket to a concert, walk in and sit anywhere. I can fly with no assigned seating and sit anywhere. It’s small things like that, the things people just don’t think about, that blow me away.”

Big Boy’s victory in opposition to weight problems becomes no clean feat. But, due to his willpower to extrade, he can stay up for a few years of existence in preference to many plates of nachos.


Big Talk Vlog

If you need to analyze extra approximately Big Boy and his weight loss, purchase his ee-e book An XL Life: Staying Big at Half the Size.

Living Fit After Bariatric Surgery

At, we emphasize the want to exercising and consume healthfully as the correct manner of dropping weight. Some people, like Big Boy, pass thus far past the perfect weight that they experience pressured to go through bariatric surgery. Even the ones people want to put in force way of life extrade transferring forward. Here are a few tips:

Exercise is essential for maintaining weight loss. After more than one months after your surgery (and after a doctor’s permission), sufferers must start to grow the period and depth in their workouts. If the frame feels strong and may tolerate mild exercising, cycle, garden, play tennis, dance, walk, or be part of a gym. Re-discover ways to stay active: flip off the television, computer, or gaming device.

Healthy vitamins are prime to a rapid restoration and important for preserving wholesome weight loss. Consume 5 or six small food with plenty of protein, vitamins, and wholesome fats. Chew meals slowly and wait to a few mins among bites. Try now no longer to snack. Avoid alcohol and ingredients excessive in sugar.

Particularly for the ones who’ve gone through malabsorptive surgeries, supplementing your food plan with multivitamins (together with B12, A, B1 and D), protein powder and/or bars, iron, folate, and calcium is honestly important.

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