Celebration of republuc day in my school

By | January 6, 2021

Every year we, at DAIS, reaffirm our loyalty to our country, acknowledge the sacrifices of our undisputed heroes, and rededicate ourselves to building a stronger and better India, the India of our dreams, built on the sweat, toil and aspirations of millions of Indians in towns, cities, municipalities great and the length and breadth of our country.

India is a wide country, with a wide variety of unique cultural identities. Its beauty lies in its mysterious places, from the mountains to the valleys, from the sea to the deserts, reflecting its glittering beauty and natural charm. National emblems are the reason for its unique identity and values, which bring a sense of pride and patriotism to the hearts of Indian citizens, revealing their distinctive image to the world.

The practice of yoga, followed by Indian dance, has taken on the essence of Indian purity, symbolized by the lotus. The splendor symbolized by the peacock, placed behind the national emblem, the famous Ashokan pillar, dating from the glorious past of India, was a symbol of ‘Indians and Indians’.

Taxes were paid to the founders of our constitution, Dr Rajendra Prasad, Dr B.R Ambedhkar, Sarojini Naidu and Maulana Azad, who worked tirelessly to give India its sovereign, democratic status as a republic. The principles of justice, freedom, equality and brotherhood were emphasized, affirming the status quo of the Republic, Socialist, Secular, Democratic republic. Students of the Indian Music core sang ‘Haan yehi rasta tera tone ab jana hai’, ‘Vante Matram’, ‘Chak de India’ and completed a powerful and evocative performance commemorating Republic Day.

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