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By | January 6, 2021

It’s a day that’s significant to every Indian citizen.  It marks the day when India became really independent and adopted democracy.  To put it differently, it observes the day where our constitution came into effect.  About 26 January 1950, nearly 3 years post-independence, we turned into a sovereign, secular, socialist, democratic republic.

History of Republic Day

While we obtained freedom from British rule on August 15, 1947, our nation was lacking a definite constitution.  Additionally, India also didn’t have any specialists and political abilities that will help in the performance of the country affairs easily.   Up till then, the 1935 Government of India Act was essentially modified so as to govern, nevertheless, that action was bent towards colonial rule.  Consequently there was a dire need to create an exclusive constitution which would signify everything India stands for.

After drafting, it had been introduced to the Constituent Assembly by precisely the identical committee on November 4, 1947.  This entire process was quite elaborate and required up to 166 times to finish.  In addition, the committee organized sessions were kept available to the general public.

Whatever the challenges and hardship, our inherent committee left no rock unturned to add rights for everybody.  It aimed to make the ideal balance so all citizens of the nation could enjoy equal rights pertaining to their own religions, culture, caste, gender, creed, and much more.  In the last, they introduced the official Indian ministry into the nation on January 26, 1950.

In addition, the very first session of the Indian Parliament was also conducted with this afternoon.  Along with this, 26th January also observed that the swearing-in of India’s first president, Dr. Rajendra Prasad.  Thus, this afternoon is quite important since it marks the ending of British rule as well as the arrival of India as a Republic State.

Republic Day Celebrations

Indians celebrate January 26 annually with a great deal of excitement and zeal.  On this particular day, people neglect their faith, caste, creed, gender, and much more.  It brings together the nation as a whole.  It really reveals the diversity of the nation.

These parades occur in different cities too, where a great deal of schools take part in.  It’s a delight to observe the kids and professionals placed in so much work.  The way that they grace the parade makes you proud of the nation.   In addition, we perform National Flag Hoisting on this afternoon.  In New Delhi, following the President of India hoists our National Flag, 21 guns salute follow along using all the national anthem played with the army group.

Further, in colleges, March Past occurs and it’s compulsory for each student to attend the parties.  In most colleges, they disperse sweets on this very day too.  Although it’s a really joyous day, we should not overlook the battle of freedom our forefathers participate in.  What’s more, it’s a day to celebrate the spirit of liberty and be certain that you help India achieve greater heights in the future.

FAQs on Republic Day

Q.1 Why do we celebrate Republic Day?

A.1 We celebrate Republic Day because it had been the day once the constitution of India came into effect.

Q.2 In which year was the constitution of India formed?

A.2 The official Indian constitution has been introduced to the nation on January 26, 1950.

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