Free Halloween desktop wallpaper

By | October 15, 2020

Halloween is a secular and religious holiday. It will be celebrated on October 31. Although countries around the world celebrate Halloween or a form of it, Christian churches can celebrate All Hallows ‘Day or All Saints’ Day. Physical celebrations are characterized by costumes and trick-or-treating and carnival-style events that include ghost-like horror elements.

Although many believe that Christian celebrations came first, Halloween is believed to have its origins in pagan tradition. These festivals often honored fruit deities such as the Roman Pomona. Like the parent festival, others accepted the dead.


The Celtic festival of Samahin is an important influence, marking the end of summer and autumn. Campfires were lit to provide light for those who brought cattle from farms or mountains to kill for the winter. Today, the Celts believe that the door to the underworld is open when examining souls. Since they believe they have reached home today,

they hold a dinner and arrange a place for the deceased relatives. Even small spirits have entered the earthly realm. People dress up to confuse these spirits. It developed into the custom of going home to collect food for food in clothing, to be the ancestor of deception or treatment.

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