Halloween Color By Number

By | October 10, 2020

Interactive coloring book for kids. This math game teaches children to recognize numbers and solve soft math examples. In addition, the program germinates memory, attention, imaging and logical abilities. Boys and girls of all ages love color. The soft color mode is suitable for young children, including preschool-aged children. These are considered light and recognizable images for color. If the child chooses the wrong look, they will be punctual with the right number. Therefore, the picture will never color correctly, and the child will remember the numbers faster. Children can choose colors through numbers as well as geometric shapes and pictographs.

The child can well separate a square from a circle, diamond and triangle. School age children will love the included color mode 2020. Here the image is divided into a large number of elements so that it is difficult at first to affect what is depicted in it. Older children can complicate the project by adding and removing the project. Now the children have to choose the correct answers to solve the examples and color the picture. It teaches children how to do arithmetic in their mind. Those who learn the alphabet can choose the color from the letter. For children preparing to enter elementary school, letter-by-color is functional. To make the color process more interesting and entertaining, you can change any color you use. To do this, hold down the jar of paint and a pallet will open. Then you can choose your favorite color. Therefore, each shaded area of ​​the image varies in color by number mode. You can have fun by changing the color to suit your taste. Try the program now!

Creator cache
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What’s new in this version
A new color scheme has been added for children under 4 years of age. You do not have to pick colors – just click on the images and they will fill in the correct colors on their individual colors.

– Added new game mode of coloring depending on the level of images – from the largest elements to the smallest.

: Teaching children easy arithmetic. Addition and subtraction.

: Color by geometric shapes and pictograms.

: Color by letters

: Very simple program interface that any child can master.

: An easy palette that allows you to combine your own unique colors.

: High quality images of all images.

: Visual effects and sound effects.

: Delightful background music.

: The color image is saved when the program is mechanically closed.

: And many other useful features that make color fun.

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