Happy Halloween 2020 Images

By | October 15, 2020

Halloween falls on October 31, as Samahin’s ancient Gaelic festival is the first source of Halloween to occur on this day. It marked an important time in the year when the weather changed, but, more importantly, observers realized that the boundary between this world and the next was to be exceptionally thin, allowing the dead to interact with the dead. Permission was granted. Some other cultures share this belief; A similar idea is mentioned around Yom Kippur’s Jewish holiday, which usually takes place in October and includes prayers for the dead. This is where Halloween achieves its “haunted” intentions.

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Candle and Candle Light:

The candle symbolizes light in the darkness of life, especially personal experiences, lights; It represents the sacred light of the true Spirit. At death, they represent light in the next world, and they represent Christ in the form of light. Purification and close cleaning. Used to ward off evil spirits, life is safe as long as the candle burns; About Halloween, the candles were carried from eleven to midnight, and if the candle went out, it would have been a bad omen if it had not been freed from witchcraft for a year.


Why are black cats a symbol of Halloween?

Holiday celebration has everything to do with history with many elements. This is due to the old fear of Puritan travelers from the Plymouth Colony. These particular people lived through a strictly reformed lifestyle, contrary to their religious beliefs. Considering witchcraft as a practice of demon worship, Puritans were very careful about anything related to witchcraft.

Black cats are high on that list. Legend has it that witches can turn into black cats and backwards, referring to the must beliefs of these beloved creatures. Some believe that black cats can be reborn after witches die. In addition, there is a legend from the Middle Ages that Satan gifted black cats to witches to serve as his servants.

Halloween Pumpkin Pumpkin

Happy Halloween 2020 Images
We wish everyone a fun and safe Halloween weekend. To celebrate Flashback Friday and Halloween we would like to share the favorite picture of EventDeWorld.com fans.

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