By | September 20, 2020

Sometimes we have to get fake pleasure until it comes true. If we want to be happy, we can start doing things that make teachers happy.

We interviewed some of the happiest teachers we know and what they told us. Simple denominator? Positive daily habits. And habits are not just actions, but also thoughts. (Note, sometimes ideas are harder to change than actions! But it is worth the effort.)


Try these 8 things!

Stay away from school for a few hours.

Teacher giants are always trying to explain this to beginners. You should choose a time for yourself when school work / observation is not allowed.

Wear clothes that make you feel good.

Do you think it does not matter? An English teacher said: “I love my red turtle with the blue turtle pattern, the cotton gray jacket and the gray and white oxford. I know my kids also appreciate sophistication. ”

Think of yourself as a great teacher.

As we are inspired and inspired by the quotes on social networks, we too must strive every day to feel like a successful teacher. Happy teachers will never forget that they are wonderful teachers in the most wonderful and interesting places on the planet.

What if you are not yet a great teacher? Focus on your successes (past and present). And keep in mind that there are opportunities to change your discussion, to try new things. Plus, there are so many ways to be great! Find your original path to greatness.

Vote and be politically active.

As our teacher friend Donna B said: “Give information politically and use your voice in e-mail and phone calls to local politicians. Our voices are impressive! “Politics definitely has an impact on public schools, from testing content and funding curricula to teacher salaries.

Always strive for a friendly and welcoming atmosphere in the classroom.

Teacher veterans say it is important to set a friendly tone. Daily compliments about the good qualities of each student, daily confirmation of class moto, collaborative exercises, secret handshakes and daily positive stickers. A high school teacher says: “I have a colleague who pours flowers from his vase into the classical music of DJs. The kids love him. ”

Have a fun holiday.

Work hard. Make time for a good rest. Teachers are the best excursions. Travel to the resort with your family or friends or spend your vacation at home, but always with company.

Be a positive, supportive partner every day.

You get what you sow, so you need to sow compatibility, help, support and support. It will come back to you hundreds of times.

Import your happiness.

There are two ways to do this. First: Import the items you like in your day. A high school teacher says: “While enhancing the delicious meal, I add my favorite details: Napkins that are fun with food, for example. I make my own quality coffee with the coffee machine I work with. I also add to it.”Second: You can often determine your mood and the mood of others (one of the best things about being a person) by turning it around. You can start laughing, say and smile because the atmosphere is the same wavelength as you. It’s hard to suppress when someone laughs.

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