How to Buy India’s Republic Day Parade Tickets Online Guide

By | January 6, 2021

Note that the Republic Day Parade will continue normally in 2021, although the COVID-19 epidemic exists. However, the number of people allowed to visit will be limited, as safety measures such as social exclusion will be in place. Further information will be provided as it becomes available.

The Republic Day Parade in Delhi is the highlight of Republic Day in India.

There are a few ways to get tickets to the show. Promotion can be obtained from senior government officials and VIPs in Delhi, should you know anything. Otherwise, you will have to buy your own tickets.

Tickets for India’s Republic Day Parade are on sale from January 7 to January 25 each year, at the Department of Commerce at the following locations.

Republic Ticket Stores


  • North Block Circle
  • Sena Bhawan (Gate 2).
  • Pragati Maidan (Gate 1 on Bairon Road).
  • Jantar Mantar (Great Gate).
  • Shastri Bhawan (near Gate 3).
  • Jamnagar House (towards India Gate).
  • Red Fort (within August 15 Park and Jain Temple).
  • Parliamentary Housing Office, a special number of Members of Parliament.

Ticket counters are open daily from 10 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. and 2pm to 4.30pm In addition, one ticket counter in Sena Bhavan will remain open until 7pm. from January 23 to 25, 2021.

However, be aware that all ticket counters will be closed on the morning of January 23, due to the familiarity of the full dress of the Republic Day Public.

An Aadhaar Card, Voter ID Card or ID card issued by the government

must be issued to purchase tickets.


Hitting a Backward Ceremony

The Republic Day Parade is followed by the Beating Retreat event at Vijay Chowk in Rajpath, on the afternoon of January 29 each year. It depicts a retreat later in the day on the battlefield and incorporates the belts of the three wings of the Indian army – Army, Navy and Air Force.

Tickets are available for full dress at the event at the above stores until 3 p.m. January 28, 2021 (Republic Day closed).

Ticket Prices


  • Republic Day Parade – 500 rupees for reserved seats. 100 rupees and 20 rupees for seats not reserved. Seated seats are located near the main stage where all of this is done. Seated seats are provided by priority. If you have tickets that are not saved, make sure you arrive at the venue early for the best position.
  • Celebrating the Return Ceremony (Getting Full Dress Up January 28) – 50 and 20 rupees. All seats are reserved.

Ticket Buying Tips


Unfortunately, getting tickets for the Republic Day Parade can be very frustrating. Note that only a certain number of tickets are allocated for sale at each ticket counter per day. In some cases, ticket counters do not receive tickets until late in the afternoon. In addition, there are limits to the number of tickets that can be purchased per person.

Demand for seat tickets for 500 rupees is high and sales are very limited. Only one such ticket can be purchased with each ID card. However, they are still selling very quickly after ticket counters opened at 10am. If you want one of these tickets, it is recommended that you upload at 8 a.m.

100 rupee tickets are decent and easy to get, although only two tickets can be purchased for each ID card.

20 rupee tickets are usually easily available.

Further information


Call the Special Officer (Ticket Sales and Printing) on ​​(011) 2301-0047.

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