Idea For Report Writing on Republic Day Celebration in College

By | January 6, 2021

Republic Day is celebrated on 26th January consistently in India. In the year 1950, the Constitution was formed and India turned into a secular and democratic based nation on this day. On this day, all the workplaces and establishments stay close as this day is a national occasion. Schools, universities, and other instructive organizations commend this day with extraordinary grandeur and show. Students effectively partake in report writing, debates, painting competitions, singing, dancing, and so on.


Report on Republic Day celebrations.


India won its independence on August 15, 1947 and became a Republic on January 25, 1950. The new constitution free India began operations from this day.

It is a day of national joy and a day of red light in our country. The day is celebrated with splendour and spectacle, zeal and spirit, throughout the length and breadth of the land.

This day is celebrated at our school with a big éclat. The school building was adorned with flower pots, burglaries, images of the heroes of the liberation struggle and the flags of the country. We were overjoyed. The dais was enlarged. Loudspeakers were installed.

We arrived at school at 9am We were all wearing Khaki uniforms and Gandhi’s caps. The program started at 9-15 A.M. Worthy The principal unveiled the national flag amid great congratulations. The N.C.C. cadets saluted ‘National Flag.’.

Some of the selected boys sang the national anthem. Then there are inspirational national anthems sung by choruses. These were followed by talks that motivated students, teachers, and other prominent citizens.

We were told that the country had gained political freedom but was about to receive economic freedom. Thanks to you we were all tired again you have made all the sacrifices required of us. The President made a beautiful, small, very surprising speech.

After that the boys played a single action game that was very popular with everyone. The older boys did the Bangra dance. It  was the highlight of the program.

In the afternoon we had games and games. Prizes were awarded to winners in various sports and games. The sweets were like that distributed among the young men.

At night, the entire school building was lit. Tricolor was proudly proud of the school building. It was a vision to see.

Truly, it is a day of rejoicing and rejoicing. May we continue to celebrate this day forever.

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