Independence day movie

The lofty concept for Independence Day (or ID4 as merchandising is called) is War of the Worlds Against Earthquake, and the film is sure to be spectacular and disastrous. Flying saucers, each 15 miles wide, appear in the skies over major cities around the world, and after a tense countdown that only cable genius Jeff Goldblum understands, huge zippo beams have turned the metropolis into smoking ruins (although we only see destroyed Los Angeles , New York and Washington).


Independence Day is close to being a great movie, although it breaks Hollywood's so-called first rule that you can't make a good movie without a good script. Not only does it have a really funny scenario (using spellcasters like "they'll never let you fly a space shuttle if you marry a stripper"), but it also contains a humiliating dose of religiosity and even more devastating red and white orgies. and Blue Patriotic Pride. Enjoyable acting ratings Actor goes out of his way - Brent Spiner wins Best Player Award as Funny Mad Scientist - but little can be done with characters like Stallworth the General (Loggia), Fearless First Lady (McDonnell)) and Screaming Queen calls his mother (Firstein).


Initially, the film destroys memories of the sensuous kindness of UFOs in close encounters as an attempt to communicate with aliens is met with a beam explosion, but Spielberg's film, which he borrowed from most, dates back to 1941 (Quaid even plays Belushi).