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By | January 7, 2021

Perfect  500 Words Essay For All Ages And Professionals About Republic Day In English

Republic Day is celebrated on 26th January each year.  This day is celebrated with fervour and pride around India.

It marks the day when India got really independent and achieved the historical Purna Swaraj.

We turned into a sovereign, secular, socialist, democratic republic nation on 26 January 1950, nearly 3 years post-independence.

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Fun Facts History about Republic Day In English

Republic Day is of great historic significance.  We got independence from the British 15 August 1947, but we were not having any kind of constitution or government or political parties.   Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was chosen as the President of Indian National Congress and Poorna Swaraj was announced on 26th January 1930.  But, we have independence on 15 August 1947.

After freedom, a distinctive constituent assembly was created for creating the Constitution of India.

Dr B.R Ambedkar directed the constitution drafting committee.

While producing India’s constitution, other nations’ constitutions also have been known to, in order to make the ideal constitution.  Following 166 days, the Constitution of India was eventually made.

It was made in such a way that all citizens of India could enjoy equal rights pertaining to their own religions, culture, caste, gender and creed.

About 26th January 1950, the Constitution of India was adopted and executed, and the afternoon is known as Republic Day.


Events Of Festive Republic Day And Prude Activity At Delhi 2021


Republic Day is a nationwide festival and is celebrated on 26th January of each year.  This afternoon is announced as a federal holiday.

People today celebrate this day with a great deal of zeal and enjoyment.  The President of India increases the federal flag on Rajpath in New Delhi.

People from all around the country go to the Rajpath to see the grand celebration of Republic Day.

In college, schools, government offices and private businesses, the party is appreciated with complete excitement.  March ago and parade occurs in colleges together with the additional functions.

Many colleges distribute sweets to pupils.

The people today observe the spirit of liberty and overlook the distinction between them as caste, religion, culture and language.

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