Labour Day Thailand

By | April 12, 2021

Labour Day is celebrated on 1 May in many countries across the world, together within Thailand. This excursion has roots withinside the labour union motion and withinside the war for employees rights internationally. In Thailand, it’s far a possibility to recognize the contribution of people to the nation’s economy.


Date Day



1 May Sat Labour Day
3 May Mon

Labour Day Holiday


1 May Sun Labour Day
2 May Mon

Labour Day Holiday


1 May Mon Labour Day
2024 1 May Wed

Labour Day

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Labour Day Thailand 2021

Note: Labour Day is determined through all sectors besides the Government sector.

There are few labour unions in Thailand. And unfortunately, baby labour, terrible running conditions, low wages, and different troubles are nevertheless common. Nonetheless, there are properly organised and properly attended Labour Day activities in Thailand.

Most of those activities take area in Bangkok, however, and are getting extra uncommon and coffee key over time. Many human beings simply take an off day and live domestic to relax.

Also, Labour Day is generally simplest and off day for non-public people, now no longer for authorities employees. Conversely, Royal Ploughing Ceremony is commonly taken off through public however now no longer through non-public employees.

Previous Years


Date Day Holiday
2020 1 May Fri

Labour Day


1 May Wed Labour Day
2018 1 May Tue

Labour Day


1 May Mon

Labour Day

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