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SmartLipo (Laser Liposuction Houston)

Laser Liposuction Houston: As the primary laser tool authorized with the aid of using the FDA for destroying fats and toning pores and skin, SmartLipo (laser liposuction) is at the slicing fringe of the liposuction era today. SmartLipo is a minimally invasive surgical technique that offers the affected person with much less downtime and higher consequences after simply one treatment. Our surgeons are professionals on this system and feature consistent, high-quality consequences.

“Laser assisted liposuction is my expertise. Its all I do.”

~ Dr John Bergeron

How SmartLipo Works to Remove Fat

SmartLipo makes use of excessive-powered lasers to soften fats cells thru the pores and skin to attain dramatic consequences. During this system, a minuscule cannula, which incorporates a laser fiber, is inserted thru a small incision withinside the affected person’s pores and skin. The laser’s excessive power breaks down and liquefies the fats cells making them clean to suction out. While contouring the frame, the electricity of the laser additionally stimulates the pores and skin and promotes new collagen increase for less attackable pores and skin (neocollagenesis) thereby lowering pores and skin dimpling; hence, additionally assuaging undesirable cellulite.

SmartLipo is taken into consideration a minimally invasive system due to the fact it’s far achieved below nearby anesthesia and makes use of smaller instruments. Laser utilization reasons surrounding blood vessels to close (coagulate) on contact, thereby promotes much less bleeding, swelling, and bruising*. Risks are lessened and the system is consequently taken into consideration to be extraordinarily secure and effective.

Body Areas Treated Using SmartLipo

SmartLipo (laser liposuction) can deal with many frame regions with undesirable fats such as chin, neck, top arms, male breasts, abdomen, love handles, lower back, buttocks, thighs, ankles, and knees.

SmartLipo Treatment Length

Most sufferers commonly require the most effective one SmartLipo treatment. The consultation duration varies from forty-five mins to at least one hour for every vicinity to be treated*.

Post SmartLipo Care

After the SmartLipo consultation, sporting a compression garment for a quick duration of time, relying at the frame vicinity and the range of regions that had been treated will assist pores and skin regulate to the brand new form. This close-becoming elastic garment also can lessen swelling. After the surgery, relaxation and rest are recommended, and gradually, ordinary sports may be resumed. Strenuous exercising or warm tubs ought to be averted for some days. Within forty-eight hours of system, however, the affected person may be capable of cross the lower back to work.

The Amazing SmartLipo Results

SmartLipo consequences are seen immediately, and the affected person’s frame form will hold to enhance over a length of numerous months. SmartLipo promotes tissue coagulation ensuing in tissue tightening. One of the best blessings of SmartLipo is that it gives durable consequences*. Since adults do now no longer produce new fats cells, if an affected person profits weight, the present fats cells simply amplify so the brand new weight may be disbursed in extraordinary components of the frame; and now no longer the vicinity that turned into treated.

Our surgeons are real professionals withinside the SmartLipo (laser liposuction) system and sit up for assist attain a higher you.

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