Mother’s Day Prayers 2021

By | May 2, 2021

Peruse these Mothers Day exceptional Prayers and look for gifts from the celestial for your dear mother.

Each Mother’s Prayer

I implore you’ll be my eyes

What’s more, watch her where she goes

What’s more, help her to be shrewd

Help me to give up

Each mother’s supplication

Each kid knows

Lead her to a spot

Guide her with your beauty

To a spot where she’ll be protected

I supplicate she finds your light

Also, holds it in her heart

As obscurity falls every night

Remind her where you are

Each mother’s petition

Each youngster knows

Need to discover a spot

Guide her with your elegance

Give her confidence so she’ll be protected

Lead her to a spot

Guide her with your elegance

To a spot where she’ll be protected

Contributed by: Christine

A gift and petition tribute to all moms

“Favored be all moms

Who have come into our lives

Whose graciousness, care and cherishing

Stay with us to direct.

Your motivation in us

Caused us to endeavor all around

Particularly to recollect

Helping other people fills our heart with joy.

Moms, this little tribute

Streams straightforwardly from my heart

You are so adored and loved

Important, the whole gang, you are.

Susan Kramer


Moms Day Prayer

May the gift of the Divine

Be a particularly splendid beatitude

Upon moms all over

On your favored day –

On Mother’s Day!


This petition over the individuals might be utilized toward the finish of Mass or other formal administrations on Mother’s Day.

Adoring God,

Moms Day Prayersas a mother gives life and sustenance to her youngsters,

So yo watch over your Church.

Favor these ladies,

that they might be fortified as Christian moms.

Let the case of their confidence and love sparkle forward.

Award that we, their children and little girls,

may respect them generally

with a soul of significant regard.

Award this through Christ our Lord.

R. So be it.


Mother’s Day Prayer

I love you, Mom. I love your aliveness,

your bliss in living, your comprehension,

your giving.

Also, what I love best of all

is that you love me.

Divine force everything being equal,

much thanks to you for my mother!

– by Gaynell Bordes Cronin

From the book Friend Jesus: Prayers for Children


Gracious Heavenly Father,

We thank You for our moms to whom You have depended the consideration of each valuable human life from its earliest reference point in the belly.

You have given to lady the limit of partaking with You in the production of new life. Award that each lady may come to comprehend the full significance of that gift, which gives her a boundless limit with respect to sacrificial love for each kid she might be favored to shoulder, and for every one of Your kids.

Watch over each mother who is pregnant, fortify her confidence in Your protective consideration and love for her and for her unborn child. Give her mental fortitude in the midst of dread or agony, understanding in the midst of vulnerability and uncertainty, and expectation in a tough situation. Award her bliss in the introduction of her kid.

To moms you have given the incredible benefit and obligation of being a kid’s first educator and otherworldly guide. Award that all moms may commendably encourage the confidence of their kids, following the case of Mary, Elizabeth, and other sacred ladies who follow Christ. Help moms to develop every day in information and comprehension of Your Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, and award them the insight to give this information loyally to their youngsters and to all who rely on them.

Help every “profound mother”, the individuals who, however they may have no offspring of their own, by and by benevolently care for the offspring of others – of each age and state throughout everyday life. Award that they may know the delight of satisfying this protective calling of ladies, regardless of whether in instructing, nursing, strict life, or in other work which perceives and cultivates the genuine poise of each individual made in your picture and similarity.

We importune you to send Your Holy Spirit, the Comforter, to all moms who distress for youngsters that have kicked the bucket, are sick or offended from their families, or who are in a difficult situation or peril of any sort. Help lamenting moms to depend on Your delicate leniency and caring adoration for every one of your youngsters.

We ask your approval on every one of those to whom You have endowed parenthood. May Your Holy Spirit continually move and reinforce them. May they ever follow the case of Mary, mother of Our Lord, and emulate her loyalty, her lowliness, and her self-giving affection. May all moms get Your Grace copiously right now, and may they anticipate endless satisfaction in Your quality in the life to come. We ask this through our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, who lives and rules with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, world without end

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