Rachel And Jason Extreme Weight Loss

Rachel And Jason Extreme Weight Loss: Tuesday, July 2, on ABC, Extreme Weight Loss tells the tale of the weight reduction desires of married couple Jason and Rachel. It’s some other first for co-host Chris Powell, as it’s the primary time he’s ever labored with a married couple. Will Jason and Rachel’s marriage stay wedded bliss, or will their struggles in the direction of their desires come to be negative in their relationship, possibly forever?

rachel and jason extreme weight loss

rachel and jason extreme weight loss

At the beginning of Extreme Weight Loss Jason and Rachel, After 18 years of over-ingesting, the couple’s won a blended 350 kilos. The couple is proven at their home, gambling with their dual five-year-olds. But, Rachel seems like a “crappy mom” due to the fact she receives winded too easily, and can’t play as lengthy together along with her children as she wants. Jason “is the most important fool withinside the world” in his phrases in relation to explaining why he has a difficult time dropping weight.

They communicate approximately a length of their lives after they cut up up, and Rachel misplaced a number of her extra weight and re-related with an antique boyfriend at the same time as they had been apart. She stated she now thinks of it as a mistake, and is returned with Jason; but, they’ve had “screaming matches, marriage counseling, everything” in keeping with Jason. Their existence has virtually had a few hard patches.

Rachel stated that she “hates herself” and that Jason should “hate her for something.”

She is amazed whilst she receives a name from Chris Powell who says he’s in Detroit. On speakerphone, he tells the couple that they’ve been chosen; but, they want to be absolutely committed, and that they want to lose kilos every that very day. He tells them in the event that they do that, he may be with them as they lose the rest. They want to burn 7,000 energy every in seven hours.

Jason mentions that his heels experience like he’s stepping on a rock, and he’s simply now no longer certain he can do it. The time continues to pass, and he’s afraid he won’t lose the 2 kilos in time.

I don’t want to get left behind. I don’t want her to be stuck with an over-weight husband. I’m going to do this for Rachel.” Jason says.”

Jason loses the energy, and once they meet Chris, they’re overjoyed. But, Chris is worried that Rachel has misplaced greater energy than Jason. Usually, guys lose greater. Chris wonders if Jason simply had ever desired to lose the load withinside the first place.

At their preliminary weigh-in, Jason weighs 362. He’s very embarrassed and says

“it’s tough for me to have her see how much I weigh.”

Rachel weighs 290 pounds, greater than she has even if she became pregnant. They’ve constructed up “protection” in opposition to every other, via way of means of gaining weight. Chris desires Rachel to like Jason for who Jason is. Jason confesses to Chris that he wasn’t worried writing the letter, and whilst Chris asks him:

“Did you want to do this?”

Jason says:

“No, I don’t.”

Chris is going in advance and has them do an all-out workout. Chris tells him “You want to do it time and again and over,” and says Jason has to “combat for this opportunity.”

Jason in the end says he “desires to be a higher man,” and says that is all for “me, my own circle of relatives….”

Something clicks for Jason. He says he thinks now that “they are able to really do this.”

Chris says that they’ve every different, so he won’t come domestic with them.

Chris says to them that in the event that they lose one hundred fifty kilos withinside the subsequent ninety days, blended, he’ll ship them lower back to the Empire Sate Building in New York on an own circle of relatives trip. That is wherein Jason proposed to Rachel.

Chris says that he feels “a lot higher” approximately wherein Jason’s thoughts is and thinks that they are able to make it.

Jason and Rachel are glad to be lower back domestic, and with their twins. Chris’s team renovated their residence and became their storage right into a huge gym.

At first, Jason is assured he’ll do well, and he starts offevolved to consume properly, too — however, he begins offevolved getting frustrated, now no longer seeing the burden drop off like Rachel is seeing.

Chris is going to their residence, fearing that Jason is yet again waffling approximately whether or not or now no longer dropping that a great deal weight is possible, and some thing he would really like to do.

When I see Rachel and Jason they appearance great. But, are they half-manner on their ninety-day weight gaol? I don’t know.” Chris says while he arrives at their residence.

“You misplaced forty-one kilos,” he says to Jason. When Rachel is weighed, he tells her “You misplaced 39 kilos.” They misplaced a blended general of eighty kilos already.

Chris says to Rachel that he’s heard there’s a “dust run” this coming weekend. Rachel desired to do something like that, she’d stated earlier; Jason doesn’t appearance as glad, however, he has the same opinion to take part in it, additionally.

“It becomes like my worst nightmare,” Jason stated, while he noticed he it become like. It becomes an impediment course/run. There becomes no set time restriction to finish it, however, the “dust run” becomes grueling. They even needed to climb up a wall with the use of a rope.

Jason had a hard time getting over the wall, however, he made it. They ran via hearthplace on the cease of the “dash.” Jason says it “pains me to mention it, however it becomes a laugh and I’d do it again.”

The three-month weigh-in becomes dramatic. They needed to lose one hundred fifty kilos blended to win the New York trip. Rachel weighed in first. She misplaced seventy-five kilos at the dot.

Jason’s flip becomes subsequent. He desired to lose even extra than Rachel did. He weighed and misplaced 86 kilos. “Finally, he has the evidence he wanted that transformation works.”

Their subsequent weight reduction purpose: to lose one hundred kilos blended. Again, Jason doubts they are able to do it. He says: “It might be close to impossible,” to lose that rather more weight that quickly.

Jason finally ends up riding to Chris Powell’s residence in Arizona together along with his suitcase, and he spends a while there operating out. He tells Chris: “I can’t do all this stuff. Wife, kids; I can’t hold ita ll collectively.”

Chris asks him: “Is that why you’re here?” and Jason answers: “Yeah, I wanted a break.”

Though that’s a ways from right news, it does display that Jason desires to succeed, in spite of his disbelief that he can. He desires to succeed, if now no longer for himself, then for his spouse and own circle of relatives.

Jason, to me, appears to be getting to know to love himself again, and he’s turning into extra likable to the TV viewers, through displaying that he desires to do some thing he feels is impossible, for his spouse and own circle of relatives, out of love.

Jason tells Chris: “This is an excessive amount of.” Going to work, spending time together along with his own circle of relatives, dropping weight; it’s an excessive amount of for him — however, he tells Chris that, if he continues, he desires to do different kinds of exercising, like lifting weights and punching.

Chris has the same opinion to this, and Jason has a renewed dedication to succeed. “275 kilos, buddy, c’mon!” Chris tells him. Jason lifts it, doing a useless lift.

At New York City, the six-month mark, Chris meets them in Central Park for his or her weigh-in. Rachel weighs in at 187 kilos, dropping 28 kilos general.

Jason could ought to have misplaced seventy-two kilos to make the one hundred pounds general purpose. Chris hopes that he’s misplaced as a minimum 50 kilos. He, instead, weighs in at 255 kilos, having misplaced 21 kilos.

For a maximum of the competition I’ve visible who take part withinside the yr-lengthy Extreme Weight Loss program, this Phase 2 appears to be the toughest. I suppose Ryan, final week, is the handiest one I’ve visible meet and surpass the weight reduction purpose for Phase 2.

“If you hold going like you’re going, surgical treatment isn’t to your futures,” Chris tells the couple. They want to make up a variety of ground and cross lower back to the depth that they’d in Phase 1 to have a danger at assembly their overall weight reduction goals.

Jason and Rachel want to make sacrifices to fulfill their overall purpose and qualify for the pores and skin discount surgical treatment, Chris says into the camera. He has the couple work out with weights, run at the treadmill, and he evokes them to hold up their depth.

“Time is of the essence,” he tells them.

Jason and Rachel do have a few laughs in New York City, occurring a horse-drawn carriage ride. Then, on the pinnacle of the Empire State Building, Jason receives on his knees, and tells Rachel how a great deal he loves her. That becomes one of the night’s maximum emotional moments so ways. He additionally made and gave her an ebook of photos approximately the entirety they’d long passed via that yr so a way.

“Rachel stored my lifestyles through pushing me to do this,” Jason says.

The pair maintain operating out, and we see a montage of scenes of them lifting weights, doing an exercising with ropes, and extra. Jason starts offevolved to embody the adjustments that he sees happening, however, Chris tells them that there’s “a few trouble-shooting” that needs to be done.

They have misplaced a variety of weight while Chris sees them subsequent, and he’s pleasantly amazed through how a great deal thinner and healthier they appearance. Jason had worn a length fifty-six withinside the waist pair of pants.

The weigh-in took place subsequently. Rachel weighed 158, having misplaced 29 kilos for the reason that final weigh-in. Chris informed them that Dr. Stoker could ought to comply with their surgical treatment, and he needs them to lose as a minimum 45-50 percentage in their unique weight.

Jason did great — he needed to lose over forty kilos, and he did — he weighed 215 kilos. He informed them now he can inform Dr. Stoker: “They want this. They deserve this.”

Rachel and Jason have been each very fearful at assembly the doctor. He stated that Rachel had a variety of pores and skin on her fingers to be removed, and with the gall bladder surgical treatment scar she had, the pores and skin elimination surgical treatment would possibly show to be hard.

As well, Jason had thicker tissue than he’d want to see, and it’d be slower to heal. The couple had informed every different that if one didn’t qualify, than the alternative one could flip down the surgical treatment if he/she certified to get it.

“It could weigh down him if he become now no longer approved,” Rachel stated.

They have been worried, however Dr. Stoker informed them: “You are each super applicants for surgical treatment.”

They have been extraordinarily glad, of course, to pay attention the news. They had the surgical treatment scheduled, so they might have it earlier than their very last weigh-in.

Three months later, Chris Powell gave humans withinside the crowd to look at Jason and Rachel’s very last weigh-in high-fives. Chris tells the accumulated humans that Rachel and Jason have been turning to meals to cope with the problems of their lives.

Their weight reduction had converted them right into a more potent couple, though, and helped to convey them nearer collectively than ever, Chris informed the assembled audience.

Finally, the instant for his or her Final Weigh-In came. Jason and Rachel pulled as much as the scale down of their car, and walked out, maintaining hands, dressed to the nines. They gave the look of absolutely distinctive humans. It become an extended yr for the couple, complete of doubts and turmoil; however, with Rachel’s help, and that of Chris Powell, of course, Jason and Rachel made it.

Rachel went from 290 kilos first of all to a very last weight of a hundred forty five kilos! Jason’s flip become subsequent. He weighed 362 to begin the yr, and his very last weight become 197! How awesome — manner to cross, Jason and Rachel!

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