Republic Day Parade 2021 Protocols and Rules Due to Covid-19

By | January 6, 2021

Republican Day celebrations in Rajpath in January are likely to see a lot of changes including small marble statues, short exhibition distances and fewer spectators compared to previous years in view of the coronavirus epidemic, development experts said on Wednesday. Every year, India showcases its military strength, rich cultural diversity and social and economic progress during the Republic Day celebrations in Rajpath – downtown boulevard.

Republic Day parade 2021, how it will happen between the Covid-19 | agreements Everything you need to know

  • The aforementioned people stated that although all drawings of the Republic Day program will be retained, their size and size will be limited to some extent given the coronavirus epidemic.
  • India has invited British Prime Minister Boris Johnson as the main guest of the Republic Day exhibition.
  • Preparations for the celebration were made in compliance with all the requirements of COVID-19, said the official.
  • People say that about 25,000 spectators will be allowed to see the celebrations as a general crowd of about 100,000 and that children under the age of 15 will not be allowed to enter.
  • Similarly, the size of the marching layers is likely to be reduced from around 144 per race to approximately 96.
  • The show may be short. It will start at Vijay Chowk and end at the National Stadium instead of Red Fort, people said.
  • Sources said more than 2,000 Military personnel had arrived in Delhi since the end of November during the Republic Day and Army Day protests and were being held as “safe football”.
  • The “safe bubble”, built in the Cantonment area, has a large number of camps and those chosen to live in it will have “negative connections” with the outside world until the end of the Republic Day celebrations on January 26, sources said. .
  • Military Day is celebrated on January 15. Similar arrangements have been made by the Indian Navy and the Indian Air Force.
  • Two IAF teams have been selected for the exhibition and one of them will be participating in it.

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