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weight loss temecula

weight loss Temecula

Experience Counts Weight Loss Temecula

Weight No More Medical Weight Loss Centers in Temecula and Newport Beach Dr. Skversky has dedicated the beyond 18 years of his expert profession to the clinical remedy of the obese patient. He has been at the leading edge of treating weight problems as a persistent ailment the use of aggregate drug therapy, similarly to weight-reduction plan and workout on a longtime basis.

You can also additionally have visible Dr. Skversky on “The Dr. Oz Show,” “Good Morning America,” “The Today Show,” and “The Early Show” discussing the best use of medicine “off label” for long time weight reduction. When weight-reduction plan and workout have time and again did not produce the effects you’ve got been instructed to expect, and you’re equipped to start an extra competitive approach …Turn to this system directed with the aid of using the Bariatric Physician renowned and revered in Southern California for the beyond 37 years. Dr. Robert Skversky’s application is the knowledgeable preference for safe, medicine-assisted, long-time weight management.

At Weight No More, I deal with obese and weight problems the identical manner I deal with diabetes and hypertension, the use of aggregate drug therapy, similarly to weight-reduction plan and workout protocols. I bear in mind this to be a long time application for the reason that we’re treating a long time problem. Although weight-reduction plan and workout are vital adjuncts of any prudent complete application, they rarely, with the aid of using themselves, bring about long time weight reduction control. Robert Skversky, MD

Dr. Skversky’s Mission Statement/Philosophy

My dedication to my sufferers is going some distance past simply assisting them to lose weight. My private wish is that fulfillment in our application could be a stepping stone to growth in vanity and could encourage humans to attain and excel past what they concept become possible.

The following declaration become issued with the aid of using The National Task Force on Obesity and posted in JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) December 18, 1996.

Because Obesity Is A Disorder That Cannot Be Expected To Remit Without Continued Treatment, Short-Term (Weeks Or Months) Treatment Of Obesity With Drugs Is Generally Not Warranted. Treatment With Medications Will Likely Need To Be Continued For Years, And Perhaps For The Lifetime Of The Patient, To Sustain Weight-Loss And Improve Health.

The Doctor Skversky Weighs In:

Robert Skversky MD, Medical Director of Weight No More, weighs in on diet, exercising and the use of drugs for weight reduction and long time weight management:

As a practicing physician who specializes in medical weight loss, “diets” do not work for long term weight control. Obesity is a genetic, metabolic, chronic and progressive disease much like diabetes and hypertension. Chronic diseases need chronic therapy.

Dr. Robert Skversky- Weight No More Medical Associates – Newport Beach – Temecula, CA

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