Savannah St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Grand Savannah St. Patrick’s Day parade 2021

Savannah took part in the second largest St. Patrick’s Day parade in the United States after New York. Savannah and foreigners from every part of the United States will also be spectators of the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. The first public procession was held in 1824. James Hunter, president of the local Hibernian Society, collectively […]

St. Patrick’s Day Events

Grand St. Patrick’s Day Events Celebration 2021

Do you want to have something amazing and special on St. Patrick’s Day? Like many of us, you may be Googling “best St. Patrick’s Day events near me” in order to ring in this year’s festivities (note: many events have been canceled for 2021, but with some St. Patty’s Day luck they’ll be back in […]

Ireland St. Patrick’s Day

A brief history of Ireland St. Patrick’s Day St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated on March 17, the fifth century anniversary of his death. Who, according to folklore, introduced Christianity to the Irish and drove the snakes out of the island. The Irish celebrate this day as a religious holiday for over 1,000 years. On St. […]

St. Patrick’s Day parade

Grand St. Patrick Day Parade History

History of St. Patrick day and its tradition of celebration St. Patrick was a 5th-century Roman-British Christian missionary and bishop of Ireland. Much of what is known about St. Patrick comes from a statement written by Patrick himself. He is believed to have been born into Roman Britain in a wealthy Roman-British family in the […]

St Patrick’s Day Facts

st patrick's day facts

What is the Real Significance of Saint Patrick’s Day Facts? Check out the history and facts behind Paddy’s Day to find just how near the roots of the afternoon that the significance of St Patrick’s Day is. St. Patrick’s Day is related to several things, all which have different meanings for different individuals: sporting green, […]

St Patrick’s Day Colors

Authentic St Patrick’s Day colors

Traditional And Authentic St. Patrick’s Day Colors Color Palette Inspirations St. Patrick’s Day has been appreciated in more nations around the world than any other national holiday. British Commonwealth countries and people who have Irish inhabitants have a tendency to observe the many, but anybody who would like to party may use this holiday as an […]



On Santa Patrick’s day, it is customary to wear shamrock, green clothes, or green accessories. Santa Patrick is said to have used the shamrock, a three-page plant, to describe the Holy Trinity to pagan Irish. n in the mid-1990s the government of the Republic of Ireland launched a campaign to use St Patrick’s Day to […]

St. Patrick’s Day Activities

Best St. Patrick's Day Activities For School, Home and Office

St. Patrick is a celebration day. Pumpkins, green beer, and green treats are a common tradition associated with this holiday. However, St Patrick’s Day is actually a religious holiday. Patrick came from a believing family. Both his father and grandfather were deacons. Born in the fourth century, he was captured by invaders at the age […]

St. Patrick’s Day Party

Great St. Patrick's Day Party Ideas

These Party Ideas for St. Patrick Is Pure Gold When you’re hosting a Patrick’s Day party, you can’t go wrong with green: decorating a green party, green food, green drinks, and yep – even a green dress code. But if you want your guests to feel really lucky to be at your event, think outside […]