15 Way to Design Toddler Valentine Day Crafts

By | January 18, 2021

Looking for Valentine’s Little Kids Art? This collection is perfect for a small crowd, with simple fun activities!

Have you ever tried to find a little valentine art to see how complicated it is?

I’m always looking for ideas on Pinterest and I’m amazed at how many ideas are marked for kids but they’re actually more than kindergarten.

So, when I put this valentines collection for young children together, I took a closer look at the details.

Here are 15 valentine handicrafts for teachers, caregivers, parents, grandparents… anyone with small children… can try with their children too.

valentine day crafts for toddlers


  1. Use a salad spinner to create beautiful hearts.
  2. Cut the heart out of plastic to make a sweet Valentine’s suncatcher.
  3. Scroll tissue paper to make a Valentine’s crown. (Happy Hooligans)
  4. Glue thread to make a carved heart. (Approved child)
  5. Use an embroidered hoop to make the sunshine by hand. (Two-Daloo Crafty Texas Girls)
  6. Cut the sponge into a hearty setting for a sweet valentine suspension. (Read-Create-Love)
  7. Form a paper tube to make hearts painted on paper. (Forest houses)
  8. Make beautiful hearts using handwriting. (Roots and Wings)
  9. Create a Valentines card using both feet. (Approved Child Tips)
  10. Trace your child’s arm and use cookie cutters to make a love tree. (Preschool Toolbox)
  11. Cut the hearts into a bubble wrap to get yourself a Valentine print. (Mess for Less)
  12. Attach the pieces of tissue paper to the heart shape. (Love, Play and Learn)
  13. Add other sensors by making some Valentines sun catchers. (Easy kids fun)
  14. Cut the coffee filters into heart shape and color them. (No Flash Card Time)
  15. Strengthen good car skills while using q tips to paint hearts. (Read, Play, Think)

valentine day crafts for toddlers ideas

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