28 Best Books to Celebrate Valentine’s Day 2021

By | January 12, 2021

Share the love with these Valentine’s Day books for grades PreK-5–ideal for teaching the significance of kindness and love.

Valentine Day books

From tales about course parties and sending cards into bake-offs plus some quite special deliveries, observe the love-liest vacation of the year using all the 28 books on this listing. Featuring Fancy Nancy, Junie B. Jones, Clifford, Llama Llama, and much more, students will love celebrating Valentine’s Day with a number of their favorite characters. These names are only right for February’s reading and also for observing the significance of kindness and love all throughout this year.

1: I Love You Through And Through 

I Love You Through and Through valentine day book

A rhyming story of love and adorable examples of a toddler and a teddy bear who announce”I love you through and through!”

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2: Sweet Child of Mine

valentine day book Sweet Child of Mine

An amazing and enduring story of love by bestselling author and illustrator Caroline Jayne Church.

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3: I Love You Too

valentine day books I love you too

A superbly illustrated, multicultural children’s picture book based on one of Ziggy Marley’s most cherished tunes, “I Love You Too.” The publication explores a child’s relationship with parents, character, and the brute force of love.

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4: Love Is Everywhere

valentine day book love is everywhere

My love for you goes anywhere, and everywhere you go. It follows you day and night, through rain, snow and sunlight, and snow. You may not always see my love, but it moves everywhere. Even in the event that you go out walking in your panties! Jim Benton, the international bestselling author, and illustrator of all Dear Dumb Diary introduces a candy but funny new soul personality to personify Love! Fantastic for toddlers prepared to giggle and be thrilled. Fans of Sandra Boynton will rejoice in this new, silly spin on love!

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5: Porcupine Valentine

valentine day book porcupine valentine

The loveliest holiday season of the season is coming, and Porcupine has some very unique Valentine’s Day deliveries to get some very special friends! Will each buddy get a card that is just perfect?

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6: Happy Valentine’s Day, Mouse! (If You Give…)

valentine day books Happy Valentines Day Mouse If You Give

This board book with pages that are solid is ideal for preschoolers, who will take pleasure in the very simple introduction into the enjoyment of Valentine’s Day.

“This name follows Mouse since he creates valentines for everyone his pals,” explained School Library Journal. “Every valentine was designed to signify what he enjoys most about every one of his friends, for example, Pig’because she is a fantastic dancer’ and Bunny’because she is the very best in hide-and-seek.'”

Budding musicians and crafters will adore this book, ideal for pairing with Valentine’s Day actions. A surprise, in the end, increases the read-aloud enjoyable!

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7: The Biggest Valentine Ever

valentine day books The Biggest Valentine Ever

When Mrs. Mousely asks her class to create valentines, Clayton and Desmond opt to create one together and provide it to their instructor for a surprise. But things do not go as intended. First Clayton puts a lot of glitter onto the card. Subsequently Desmond puts on a lot of hearts. Soon the friends are asserting and they tear the card in halfan hour. “I will create my own valentine!” They state and go home in a huff. But Desmond and Clayton recognize that by working together they could make the greatest, best valentine ever!

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8: With Lots of Love

valentine day books With Lots of Love
Toby Bear likes to go to his own friendly aunt, Nana Bear, but on a single winter afternoon, he sees her in the home and feeling really miserable. Nana Bearï loved parrot, Lottie-Dot has flown out the window and vanished into a snowstorm. Toby, Nana, and each of their buddies head out searching for the parrot, but it is nowhere to be found. The days pass, and Nana stays gloomy. As Valentines Day approaches Toby decides to cheer Nana a bit by creating an elaborate Valentine. He gets it from bits and pieces of each sort of newspaper he can find–on Valentine’s Day he carries it off to Nana’s home. Wiping her tears away, she provides Toby a hug and smiles because she assesses the glowing, beautiful Valentine. Looking at it closely, she creates an incredible discovery. Has she discovered a hint that can help her locate her parrot, Lottie-Dot? Following is a superbly illustrated and gentle small narrative that children are going to go back to over and over again. It’s written and illustrated by the founder of Anook, the Snow Princess, yet another favorite storybook accessible from Barron.

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9: Ruby Valentine and the Sweet Surpirse

valentine day books Ruby Valentine and the Sweet Surpirse

For Ruby Valentine, two pets mean double the love! There is a new addition from the Valentine home: a kitty! He is sweet and soft, and Ruby is pleased to have him. However, not everybody shares Ruby’s excitement. Lovebird’s feathers are more than just a bit ruffled. When Valentine’s Day arrives, the two critters attempt to outdo one another to reveal to Ruby just how much they adore her. Ruby’s preferred day fast becomes a mess. Can Ruby locate a way to demonstrate to her pets which there is room in her heart for 2?

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10: Mr. Goat’s Valentine

valentine day book Mr. Goat's Valentine

After studying in the paper that it is Valentine’s Day, Mr. Goat lays out in search of very unique presents for his first love. But what will a goat pick as the ideal gifts to reveal how he feels? Clients are going to have a surprise in Mr. Goat’s nontraditional selections. From acclaimed children’s writer Eve Bunting includes a candy holiday narrative sure to warm hearts on Valentine’s Day and every day of this year.

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11: No Valentines for Katie (Katie Woo)

valentine day book No Valentines for Katie

Katie Woo’s course had a unique party for Valentine’s Day. Katie had plenty of fun studying the small candy hearts that her instructor handed out. However, while everyone got a particular valentine except, she felt awful. Is it that no one enjoys Katie Woo?

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12: The Valentine Express

valentine day book The Valentine Express

It is Valentine s Day! Minna’s teacher clarifies the course celebrates the holiday each year on February 14th. Minna and her brother, Pip, provide the vacation particular meaning when they find that their neighbors may not have gotten some valentines.Illustrated at Nancy Wallace s signature cut-paper design and full of thoughts for Valentine s Day crafts and cards, this sweet story motivates kids to observe the holiday by doing something kind for others.

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13: Pop-Up Peekaboo! Puppies: Pop-Up Surprise Under Every Flap!

valentine day book Pop-Up Peekaboo Puppies Pop-Up Surprise Under Every Flap

The ideal present for a toddler or child that loves animals, this interactive book includes bold pop-ups that make dogs, active bees, and also sheep leap out of the pages once the flaps are raised. With interesting surprises on each page, Pop-Up Peekaboo: Woof! Woof! Enriches the reading experience and assembles an early learning base. As young kids investigate the spreads, they will learn how to recognize, name, and explain various creatures.

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14: Amelia Bedelia’s First Valentine

valentine day book Amelia Bedelia's First Valentine

The New York Times bestselling picture book! It is Valentine’s Day in youthful Amelia Bedelia’s classroom. And you also understand Amelia Bedelia–she wears her heart on her sleeve. Over 35 million Amelia Bedelia books marketed since 1963!The next publication from the nationwide bestselling series about the youth of America’s favorite literal-minded housekeeper. School is always exciting for Amelia Bedelia, and receiving her very first Valentine’s Day card could possibly be the most exciting surprise whatsoever. However, what can she do if she forgets her valentines for her classmates about the bus? Fortunately, Amelia Bedelia is resourceful, and she does not break any hearts.

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15: There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Rose!

valentine day book There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Rose!

That beautiful old woman has returned just in time for Valentine’s Day. Now she is consuming items to produce a very special present for her valentine! With rhyming text and humorous examples, this wacky version of the timeless tune will interest young readers as they follow the Old Woman on a crazy Valentine’s Day experience.

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16: I Spy I Love You 

Scholastic Reader Level 1 I Spy I Love You

A Level 1 I Spy reader for Valentine’s Day–search-and-find pleasure from the bestselling author/illustrator group Jean Marzollo and Walter Wick! All brand new, easy-to-read riddles by Jean Marzollo are paired with amusing photos by Walter Wick from the first I Spy collection, to make this simple reader that is ideal for Valentine’s Day. Clients can hunt through ten complex photos for candies, hearts, valentines, and much more! Together with rhythm, rhyme, and image clues, this book is made to encourage the most recent reader!

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17: Day It Rained Hearts

Day It Rained Hearts valentine day book

A sweet and creative story, ideal for Valentine’s Day, which can help open the hearts of young readers. In the beloved illustrator of in the Event That You Gave a Mouse a Cookie. 1 day, it rains hearts, and Cornelia Augusta catches them. She understands that the hearts are fantastic for making valentines. Every heart is unique in its own manner, and Cornelia Augusta knows precisely who to send them her animal friends. An enjoyable way to spark creativity and thoughtfulness! The ideal book to match with Valentine’s Day crafts.

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18: Love, Splat (Splat the Cat)

Love, Splat (Splat the Cat) valentine day books

It is Valentine’s Day and Splat includes a unique valentine for a specific individual in his or her class. Her name is Kitten, also Splat enjoys her more than fish sticks and ice cream. However, Kitten does not appear to like him whatsoever. And then there is Splat’s rival, Spike, that also enjoys Kitten. Can Splat’s heartfelt valentine triumph Kitten’s paw in the long run?

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19: Countdown to Valentine’s Day

Countdown to Valentine's Day

From ten colored valentines to a kiss, a course party of Valentine’s Day is explained with the numbers from ten to one. Original.

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20: Froggy’s First Kiss

Froggy's First Kiss book

Froggy believes the new girl in class, Frogilina, is the most adorable frog he has ever seen. Today, with Valentine’s Day just a week away, Froggy would like to know: Can this really be love?

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21: Love Ninja: A Children’s Book About Love

Love Ninja A Childrens Book About Love (Ninja Life Hacks 38)

The brand new children’s book collection, Ninja Life Hacks, has been designed to help kids learn invaluable life skills. Interesting, pint-size characters in amusing books simple enough for young readers, yet witty enough for adults. The Ninja Life Hacks book series is targeted toward children 3-11. Fantastic for boys, women, early subscribers, primary school pupils, or toddlers. A fantastic source for teenagers, parents, and educators alike.

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22: Junie B. Jones and the Mushy Gushy Valentime

Junie B. Jones and the Mushy Gushy Valentime

Meet the World’s Funniest Kindergartner–Junie B. Jones! February 14–Valentine’s Day, as Junie B. calls itis just around the corner. Junie B. can not wait to see all of the valentines she will get. However, she never expected a big, mushy card from a secret admirer! Who’s the secret mystery man, anyhow? Junie B. is decided to discover.

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23: Little Critter: Happy Valentine’s Day, Little Critter!

Little Critter Happy Valentines Day Little Critter!

From decorating the classroom with hearts to eating cupcakes and creating Valentine’s Day mailboxes, Small Critter is getting the best day. He is even creating an extra-special card to get an extra-special valentine!

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24: Valentine’s Day Disaster (Geronimo Stilton, No. 23)

Valentines Day Disaster (Geronimo Stilton No 23)

Enter the world of Geronimo Stilton, where another humorous experience is always right around the corner. Each publication is a fast-paced experience with vibrant artwork and special format children 7-10 will adore. It was Valentine’s Day New Mouse City, and that I could not wait to celebrate! I’d sent valentine’s cards to all of my family and friends.

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25: Valentine’s Day from the Black Lagoon 

Valentine's Day from the Black Lagoon (Black Lagoon Adventures #8) (Black Lagoon Adventures series)

Everyone must make a card for Valentine’s Day. Worse Hubie must give it to someone in his or her class. Plus, he can not only draw whatever he enjoys. It needs to be a pink core or even a cupid. Yuck! He would rather eat worms. Hubie is Simply Not prepared to function as his heart to the

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26: Calendar Mysteries February Friend 

Calendar Mysteries 2 February Friend

It Is Valentine’s Day Celebration! Bradley is passing his course’s valentines, but among these doesn’t have any title on it. Indoors, the card tells the class to check at the cupboard. If they open the cupboard door, the children find a bunny named Douglas in a cage! What mystical”friend” left there? And why? Then the rabbit becomes ill. It is around Bradley, Brian, Lucy, and Nate to track his owner down and determine what is wrong with bad little Douglas. Series Information” Calendar Mysteries” is a fresh show by Ron Roy, spun off in the”A to Z Mysteries.”

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27: Cake Pop Crush: A Wish Novel

Cake Pop Crush A Wish Novel

Alicia Ramirez has always Enjoyed baking. Her family owns Say It With Flour, the little bakery in the city. And Ali’s specialties are cake pops: flavorful confections on a pole. However, Ali’s sweet life turns sour when a glossy coffee store opens across the road, offering her bakery a run for the money. Worst of all, the proprietor’s son, Dane McGuire, likes to bake, also. He is the new kid in Ali’s college… and appears to be annoyingly adorable. When Dane and Ali participate in a bake-off to establish who’s your cake-pop master, it is Ali’s opportunity to spare Say It With Flour. However, will she have the ability to rise to the event… and dismiss what her heart may be telling her?

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28: The Best Thing About Valentines

The Best Thing About Valentines

Ribbons, lace, glitter, and glue are all interesting things to use if creating particular Valentine’s Day cards. Young kids will delight in reading this candy rhyming narrative, narrated by a young kid who likes to make cards and give them to family, friends, and classmates. However, the best thing of all is obtaining your own valentines on Valentine’s Day!

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