35+ Unique DIY (Homemade) Valentine’s Day Gifts For Men

By | January 22, 2021

Tired of chocolate and roses? Give your relationship the much-needed momentum on Valentine’s Day with these unique DIY gifts he has made for himself. There is everything from homemade candles, homemade art, and gifts that you will not find in your local store…

valentine day homemade gift ideas

A romantic surprise with flour hearts

valentine day homemade gift ideas A romantic surprise with flour hearts
Create a unique Valentine card special in your life this year with these flour hearts. Create a card by cutting out a heart shape from a piece of colored card and add flour to a beautiful effect. You will be amazed to know that this card is doubled as a low-love art – all thanks to the step where you sprinkle a lot of flour on the card using it as a stencil, and the cut forms a fine heart-shaped layer of flour on the grass when you remove the paper. Use this technique to create a heart-shaped approach that helps him reach you, or simply let the universe shout out what he means to you by working and lifting up your hearts throughout the grass After all, what about letting him know that you are loved and loved by every step he takes?

A jar of reasons why you love him

valentine day homemade gift ideas A jar of reasons why you love him
Decorate a small glass jar with ribbons, felt hearts, and other decorative items. This unique gift can be added to the shelf as a decorative piece, and can be customized with your message from you. How this inspired by DIY lovers use decorations involves wrapping the jar with multiple twins with a black button in the middle. The button keeps the heart-shaped cut in place, while the jar itself holds many pieces of paper. Each of the folded pieces of paper will bring a smile to the face of a special person as it explains why you are dating. Just take a piece of plain paper and write down the reasons on a bright red paper, fold the sheets and throw them in the pot. There is nothing better than to reveal everything about him that makes you serve him alone.

Tea Hearts Shaped bag

valentine day homemade gift ideas Tea Hearts bag
Create your own heart-shaped tea bags and introduce them to your Valentine this year. Use your favorite teas like Early Gray, English Breakfast or Green Tea to get more delicious. To get started, you’ll need coffee filters or tea bags to fill, string, scissors, store-bought tea, colored paper, sewing needle, pencil and teaspoon. Even that little tag of your tea bag comes with a beautiful heart and is made of colored paper. The design steps are illustrated with this very simple photo tutorial shared by DIY Lovers. This gift will not only give her a taste of her favorite tea every morning, but will also remind her of when she will be holding that cup of hot drink before the start of her day!

Valentine’s little notebooks

valentine day homemade gift ideas Valentine's little notebooks
If you are a partner who enjoys taking notes, these little writing letters will give you a great gift for this Valentine’s Day. They can be made by hand and attached with decorative materials of your choice to get a special touch. The key is to fold the small rectangular pieces of paper together, further placing cardboard and patterned paper to be used to make its cover. While this one goes with a black metal chain with shiny beads attached to its edges to hang a notebook, you can put it back on the amazing keychain. Another good idea is to write down your shared memories on the pages of the book and present them to her as a surprise. At first glance, he would not even realize that it was not just a small booklet to keep as a souvenir or a quick note, but a good description of a love affair that you both share.

Make your own chocolate cakes

valentine day homemade gift ideas Make your own chocolate cakes
These heart-shaped chocolate cakes not only show your partner how much you care, but they are also delicious. Use your favorite ways and give your loved one a great day. While these old-fashioned dark chocolate cakes melt in your mouth almost instantly, you can always want the flavor your husband prefers. Once you have baked the cake to perfection, remove the perfect heart shape with the help of cookie cutters or simply pour the batter cake into heart-shaped tins. The cake topping here are those delicious cake toppers that look like a small heart or an arrow, wrapped together with colored paper, toothpaste and some tape. Sprinkle a bunch of these personalized foods and make them your own post-dinner dessert, made on your own – especially for him!

A personalized photo frame

valentine day homemade gift ideas A Personalized photo frame

Create a photo frame that you can’t buy in the store. Just use spray paint to create a different pattern, and then add your favorite photo as a couple. The game frame game is a great heart-shaped cut to have one of your precious memories together as a background. That two-dimensional beauty of one frame will steal her heart – whether that image is kept inside or outside of an amazing combination of perfect Valentine colors, namely red and white. The striped pattern is a piece of cake to design, requiring a simple pattern mask using tape and spray paint. For a more aesthetic touch, add a series of heart-shaped patterns around the frame as you place it on a bedside table, mantel or study desk.

A printable bread wrappers

valentine day homemade gift ideas A Printable bread wrappers

This gift of grace can be fun to build if you are a lover of art and crafts. Create your own Valentine-themed bread rolls and attach them to your partner’s favorite bread for breakfast that they will never forget… The key is to wrap the bread with a sheet of cellophane and attach the printed wrap to it with the help of some clear tape. The Thirty Handmade Days guide below not only explains the steps to make wrappers on top, but also shares some great publishing on these Valentine’s Day bread buckets, making it easy for you to do the job. In fact, these elegant fabrics do not need to be limited to the event itself, you can use them again in the coming days!

The love letters

valentine day homemade gift ideas love letters

Are you an embroiderer? If so, you will be able to design your love characters using back texture. These love letters are easy to knit, and can be fenced off using your favorite photo frame. Instead of paper, the letter is printed on a printed cloth that is wrapped and attached to cardboard. When talking about color scheme, you can stick to neutrals like white and brown as shown in the guide, or go to light hues to do it all. The 30 handmade days not only describe the process of making a back station, but also take you through a detailed process of making the design use it backwards, further transforming the book into a beautiful love message. Photocopying characters is not something everyone is doing, and that is what makes this motivation out of the box!

‘On The Hour’ Valentine day gift envelopes

valentine day homemade gift ideas ‘On The Hour’ Valentine day gift envelopes

If you are striving to think of a perfect gift for your loved one, what about a few throughout the day? In fact, you can deliver envelopes to your partner every 14 hours with these handmade envelopes. Create your own labels to paste in each envelope and organize gifts throughout the day. Put a nice card every hour or simply put small gifts in envelopes, for example small gift cards at your favorite restaurant, bookstore or cafe; some love notes; we photograph both of you; or small sweets. Serving as the basis for a label organization is the time of day when each envelope is intended to be presented to him or her. The 2 inch x 4 inch label labels you can find at any office store, and also get a collection of stickers “On The Hour” that you can print and use in your own envelope versions – all shared in the tutorial below in 30 handmade days.

The love potion kits

valentine day homemade gift ideas The love potion kits

You can mix your favorite ‘potions’ and present them in glass jars adorned with ribbons, bows, threads and more. And it’s because Valentine’s Day seems like the most appropriate time of the year to throw magic at your special someone. To combine the potions, you will need a few easily accessible items including pomegranate juice, a few 7-up glass bottles, some mason glass jars, a few strips of striped paper, a heart ice cube tray, and other Love Potion Kit prints provided in the amazing guide below. in thirty handmade days. I started with a wooden crate, which is available at most art stores. I painted the box red and white using spray paint. I like to put paper confetti in a crayon made of wood.

Create Valentine’s baskets

valentine day homemade gift ideas valentine day basket

Fill a basket full of small gifts that your partner will enjoy. Think of CDs, DVDs, books, socks, and other small items that can be brought in an attractive and attractive way to your baskets. The first amazing thing about this is the absolute wonder – all you have to do is combine different things together in a way that pleases the eye with the volume to make it your own, and the second amazing fact is many opportunities come with different gift items. Printed ‘Vow’ is the star’s title in this basket, where he will record all his promises for you, and some of the wonderful things the author puts in a beautiful mint basket include a Visa gift card for dinner, Vow DVDs, lots of sweets, popcorn, and a few toiletries.

Make chalkboard painted mugs

valentine day homemade gift ideas Make chalkboard painted mugs

Now your partner can enjoy his favorite drinks in these handmade mugs. Think of a special design that reflects your relationship, or include a logical or personalized message. And that wonderful message about her special someone will make these brands stand out from all of her other stores – cups bought over a list of Valentine’s gifts out there. Not to mention, a layer of board paint applied to mugs allows you to receive a new custom message every day, turning even the most casual days into Valentine’s Day. To get started with this project, you will need a few cups of Dollar Tree, Artist tape, refrigerator paper, 220 grit sandpaper, alcohol scrub, cotton swab or clean rag, wet rag or wipes, scissors and punch hole, regular scissors, board paint, disposable cup, foam brush, and X-acto knife.

Custom beer bottles label

valentine day homemade gift ideas Custom beer bottles design

Add a special touch to your partner’s favorite drinks with custom labels that can be packaged in ale and cider bottles. Think of different quotes or special messages for each bottle, and put them in the fridge. To make your own arrangements on bottle labels, you first cut out pieces of cardboard with the appropriate size of labels, then continue to make some clever beer slogans, and finally, print them out of card stock. Next comes a section where you decorate each label with a few decorative touches using artistic foam, stickers or puffy paint to add extra dimension to the bottles. We bet that Valentine’s Day is full of beer it can seem very fun when the bottle comes with such beautiful homemade labels that show your love for him as much as possible.

Valentines light bulb

valentine day homemade gift ideas light bulb

Using metal wire and wood, you can also design your own Valentine’s electric lamp. This gift can be placed on a bedside table, and it can be used to read or write while you sleep. The first step in creating a lamp is to take out a simple lamp, stick it with a beautiful love note written only for a special person, and voila! The most impressive part about the light bulb is those two small hearts made of bright red wire, instead of a string with great grace. In addition to the lightbulb itself, you will need to collect a sharp red gauge wire, pliers, screwdriver, safety glasses, pieces of wood or wood cube, pins, paper and pen, cord cutters, hammer, nails, and hot glue gun to make the project come to life. The heart strings are inserted into a piece of wood under a lamp with a love note attached to it with nails.

Create heart blanket

valentine day homemade gift ideas Create heart blanket

Valentine’s Day is often cold in many parts of the world, so why not get together for your heart outfit. This is easy to create if you have a backyard, and requires less on the way to more expensive items. A cozy garment requires a trench coat, all other top paint, paint brush, scissors, cardboard, and cork in construction. When you cut out cardboard hearts in three different sizes, you made stamps by adding corks behind hearts. Magic begins to work when you put hearts dressed in paint on a blanket with a grade coat according to their size, and that’s all! Such a wonderful gift of the festival that works two jobs at the same time – makes her feel oh very special on the big day and makes a style statement in the room.

Valentine day lottery point-of-sale display

valentine day homemade gift ideas Lottery point-of-sale display

Create a sales display full of lottery tickets, heart-shaped sweets, ribbons, and other decorations. This is easy to create, and can be easily integrated. And that too, in just a few minutes. Collecting a wide range of objects is the only kind of effort that goes into making this amazing display. The important thing after collecting a lot of lottery tickets in the box is to tell him that he was not under the lottery for you when you met him, and this amazing gift is a perfect fit for his Valentine’s Day gift. Check out this new photo that serves as a self-explanatory guide to all you need to do to make the show inspired by this, be sure to go to the new world of happiness in the moment we see it.

DIY goodness men bouquet

valentine day homemade gift ideas DIY goodness man bouquet

Flowers do not really need to confine sensitive flowers alone. Make a home-made bouquet that hits all the right notes for her surprise by placing her favorite liquor bottles – putting them in a pot, and keeping them in a completely unusual plant! All you need is a pot or metal bucket or basket, some acrylic paint, a sponge brush, a few wooden torches, a foam ball, a glue gun, other kraft filler inserts, a thin ribbon, and a selection of alcohol. The wooden torches here work wonders for holding each bottle with a single edge inserted into a pot filled with crushed fillers, while the ribbon adds the proper availability of the gift to the assembly. The author goes for bottles of Jack Daniels and that is why he goes with everything with a label printed on the same article. Let the label mean “Happy Valentine’s Day” or a personalized message with great glory.

Make balloon chandelier

valentine day homemade gift ideas Balloon chandelier

Chandeliers can be expensive, so why not create some cheap ones? This design may not look like the real thing, but it is a unique home gift your partner will definitely appreciate. At the same time, it is good to be aware that it can give a tough competition to those glittering candles bought in the store – not because they come in beautifully decorated with crystals or lamps, but because it has your precious memories hanging on each balloon. You will need a helium tank, some pictures of 4 × 6, 5 × 7 leather card, a rolling ribbon, a few 12-inch balloons, scissors and a hole punch, and tape on both sides to install this box chandelier. This folding ribbon attached to photos and balloons adds a special touch of beauty to an object.

 Decorate your bedroom on Valentine day

valentine day homemade gift ideas decorate bedroom

You can easily decorate your bedroom with bright, red balloons filled with helium floating on the ceiling, and red rose petals on a duvet. With a special touch, attach pictures and messages to the base of the balloon strings. What the author is doing here is attaching each picture to a piece of cardboard with a ribbon in the middle, and continuing to make it more romantic for the reasons why you love it written on the back of the card stock. We bet that this surprise will double as a wonderful Valentine’s Day experience for you bird lovers. For a deeper understanding of this arrangement, go to the simple yet amazing guide of Our Everyday Art. The decoration is already amazing in itself, but that combination of red and white takes it all to the extraordinaire level.

 Custom photo frame with peotry

valentine day homemade gift ideas custom photo frame

This custom photo frame includes your favorite photo, as well as song lyrics, poems, or handwritten messages reminding your partner of the life you share together. There is something oh so sepia about this masterpiece that will add a decorative charm to her room, and of course, to remind her every time she gets an idea of ​​a frame. When you talk about the text around the picture placed in the middle of the frame, you can write your thoughts about it, or simply quote certain love quotes that are exactly the same. The wooden frame on the black-spotted side and the glossy finish do wonders like the ultimate touch of glamor, and that a custom-made photo frame made at home is a no-brainer for the gift.

Initial candle for valentine day

valentine day homemade gift ideas candle

One of our favorite DIY Valentine’s Day gifts for her, this beautiful candle will not only illuminate any room, but also embellish your initials and your loved one’s. Yes yes, it is not just a simple drawing of the letters, but also independent within a good heart, working the same way you use to record words. It would not be an exaggeration to call this art object one of the best gifts you can give to those who say the most to you, while it is equally easy to combine it with just a few items. You will need a candle, a Linoleum cutter, a gold leaf or ballpoint pen, some tape, and a design you like. Once you follow the trail with a pen and do carving with a cutter, filling with shiny gold, and voila!

Valentine jar gift

valentine day homemade gift ideas jar gift

Another jug ​​gift; this one is easy to build and will provide the perfect gift when you try to show your love to that special someone in your life. The jar here is filled with dozens of colorful pieces of Reese’s favorite author’s husband, while you can always fill it with almost any sweets or treats that he specializes in. Enhance the decoration of the pot with a printed clock pattern that matches the theme of the event, finally tying a lovely gift tag around the pot. To make it all easier for you, the Happy Go Lucky Blog tutorial below not only outlines the necessary steps to build a project, but also shares a link to a printable gift tag. This one will definitely help you with those last minute gift-making stories.

Printable ‘I Love You Because…’

valentine day homemade gift ideas i love you because

Why do you love your partner? Well, now it’s your turn to tell them about these printable gifts ‘I Love You Because’. After all, no matter how much you tell them, new expressions of love will always make you more secure not only for him, but for you as well. If you want to make your own versions of the gift, all you have to do is put an amazing printable set in a few different colors in the guide below for good use. You will get the best results if you print the design and insert it into the 8X10 frame, followed by the erase marker to write your messages on the glass. The zig-zag pattern that creates the background of the text is as fun as the messages themselves. You shouldn’t wait to do this beauty thing, because isn’t Valentine’s about letting them know about your love for one special moment?

Kiss in your pocket

valentine day homemade gift ideas kiss in your pouct

If you don’t have enough time to kiss your partner, these business cards can remind them of your love and dedication. Use several to create a fun Valentine’s-themed flip book. his book actually looks like a glittering picture when you hit a kiss that pleases him, and the best part? He can actually keep kissing her all the time – he just holds the flip book and puts it in his pocket. Take a picture of yourself with a kiss, and proceed to print a bunch of those little pictures to turn them into a flip book. Just draw a heart on the top picture using the red marker, go to two hearts per second and multiply the number with each card. Hitting the present gift and seeing the joy on her face when you give her the gift would explain to you why it has the title ‘Kiss in your Pocket’.

Design photo block

valentine day homemade gift ideas photo block

This clip can be used as a decoration for a decorative table, but it is much more than that. Fill it with special messages and important pictures. Unlike other old photographic ideas, this one does not include images in a standard old-fashioned frame, but transforms the memories into a collage of a beautiful wooden frame that looks lovely. To hit the block, you will need a piece of wood, paint someone in white and black to get the concerned appeal, Mod Podge, brush, your favorite black and white photos, some spinning materials, Vasoline, and sandpaper or power sander. Those lovely letters at the top that say “I love you” are simply printed on plain paper, cut and pasted on a block.

Love notes pillow case

valentine day homemade gift ideas pillow

Your partner will be reminded of how much you love them – even the first thing in the morning – for this love pillow case made for you. A lovely pillow actually doubles as an envelope of a special love letter you wrote for her, putting it in the heart pocket in front of you. To get you started, you will only need 30 minutes to put a pillow case together and create a beautiful chevron pattern. This project also allows you to add new life to an old and boring pillow by taking it out with a beautiful pink wool heart. In addition to wool, you will need a chevron fabric, some black fabric on the back, a sewing machine, scissors, certain pins, black or white thread, and some red thread to proceed to the construction steps as shown in the Blink Guide below.

Word scores for valentine day

valentine day homemade gift ideas word scores

A must have for any puzzle lovers, these Valentines word quotes are a unique and special gift for your loved one. An inspirational gift finds a beautiful Valentine’s Day hidden by combining a few spelling tiles that say ‘I love you’ or your own message on scrapbooking paper made from a target machine, continuously gluing the tiles up in a separate way using a hot glue gun. Once you’ve placed it right in the middle of the shadowbox frame, your gift is set to make him go all over the wave in surprise. You can also go to the cutting board when it comes to writing long messages to him, as the grid that works at the top of the board makes it much easier to find equal space between tiles, thus generating a great visual appeal.

Candy bar valentine card

valentine day homemade gift ideas candy board

Combine the fun with a typical Valentine card with this homemade and colorful creation. The candy bar card that shouts sweetness every single inch is intended for men with sweet teeth, and the best part here is that each candy bar comes up with meaning. The names of the bars are well used to complete different sentences from the large white background. The background is a white graphic board while the text is made with a black Sharpie pen, placing the candy bars to use as empty fillers. A specific packing tape will help you attach the bars to the board, while a good collection of ideas is shared in the Crafter Me review guide below to help you use bar packages as different names for your book.

Sticks and stones for valentine

valentine day homemade gift ideas Sticks and stones

Decorate sticks and stones with Valentines messages – a great gift if you are on a budget. The author goes on to give this nature-focused gift to her husband because of his love of mountaineering, but this rustic beauty item will delight every single person in the world. The project consists of small polished rocks and straight shoots as layers for texting fun. Burning wood text on those small pieces of willow branches, this Radmegan incentive requires a reliable metal and soldering iron, making it less than a few minutes long. To decorate the heart-shaped stones with this message, apply black acrylic paint and a well-sharpened brush to use. Throw them into a large glass bowl and simply place them on the dining table.

Photo candle design

valentine day homemade gift ideas photo candle

Your favorite photos will be quickly illuminated with this special candle design. And nothing can make a photo look as beautiful as the natural light of a candle, which incorporates so much love into that special memory of your well-placed frame. The image is actually illuminated with a glass candle holder, and to do that, you go to photo transfer technology using very black and white copies of your photo and some transparent contact paper. Transfer of black ink to contact paper and this paper when soaked in warm water for a few minutes makes it magical once the plastic is removed. Attach the dried paper to a glass and voila – photo printers are ready!

Love notes for valentine day

valentine day homemade gift ideas Love notes

Express your love in words with these love notes. Try out different designs and colors for this very special Valentine’s gift this year. it’s all about turning a typical Dollar Store notebook into a sweet-hearted diary wrapped in a beautiful pink thread. To create a notebook that resembles a heart when it is open, you cut out a red piece that sounds like a similar shape, leaving more of the frames to allow for proper coverage of the edges of the book. Check out this amazing idea shared by Craftberry Bush to make a Love Notes diary by touching her with your love. Alternatively, you can always give her a pre-filled diary when you have already written down all your feelings about her and your relationship together.

Valentine’s day crackers

valentine day homemade gift ideas Valentine’s crackers

Who said the crackers should be just for Christmas? Create your own in season 14 using red tissue paper and other decorations. These icebergs are not only made for your loved one, but can also be presented as lovely Valentine’s Day items. Looking for a repetitive idea, crackers are made using a few rolls of paper rolls, some red crepe paper, some patterned ribbons, tape, scissors, and your choice of inserts. For the filling, go with lots of candy, chocolate, or little love messages. The crackers look like a big candy decorated with a hint of love on the outside, hiding the sweet stuff inside. To learn the steps of preparation with detailed visual instructions, check out the inspiration below right away!

Photo box

valentine day homemade gift ideas photo box

This photo box serves as a quick reminder of the love you share with your partner. Just seeing this pop-up box can make him or her more in love with you, and you don’t even have to spend a lot of money to spend it on. In fact, you will be ready for a gift for 5 Dollars or less for printing. The photo box is made of an old jewelry box and, of course, your photos are assembled, and a few of the tools are readily available on your art supplies – scrapbook paper, glue and ribbon. When you find a square-shaped printouts of a few pictures, attach them to a ribbon thread attached to their back, and stack them to fit inside the box.

Snack-Loaded Slippers for Him

Cool and comfortable shoes are probably, something most men can’t afford to find – even if it’s about adding something to a large collection that already exists. And that’s what makes this gift idea a great choice for her this Valentine’s season! Beautiful, rustic slippers, which look like rustic to her, will be even more amazing when you combine them with an exaggerated amount of snacks and sweets.

Also, it does not take long to assemble the whole gift, thus making these slippers perfect for all last-minute procrastinators. All you have to do is simply pick up all her favorite candy bars, sweets, chocolate, and other snacks and put them in those slippers before packing them and wrapping them in paper with presents. If you want to get rid of the packing problem, you can always wrap it with a thin thread and voila.

 Gamer Gift Basket

Is your specialist about shooting other criminals, matching colored sweets or running around with songs – whether on his phone or a monster? What could be better than a gift basket set up for a game to celebrate the cool player inside? The flexibility of this makes it great for players at any level.

Not just creativity and practicality, but also amazing thinking – it’s worth stealing big rounds of appreciation for him! The idea is to pack a variety of toys in a solid wooden hole, by continuing to put a ‘Baby, you got game’ sign on the front of the case. Those application cards with gamer and love notes are lovely, while some simple food attached to video game tags is a key feature of the gift.

DIY Cookout Kit

The DIY Cookout Kit is indeed a smart gift that can be put to good use in the next few months once you have promised him a kit. All you need is a box or container such as a wooden caddy, an apron, a BBQ collection seawater, a branding iron, a BBQ set, 2-3 of his favorite beer cans, squeeze a bottle, homemade ketchup , a few sticky labels, 2-3 long beer cans, and a black and white ribbon to start the meeting.

valentine day homemade gift ideas DIY cookout kit

The idea is to wrap the long things in the back while placing the little ones in the front. A well-designed arrangement is all that is needed to highlight each of the elements of the kit to the best of their ability, ultimately tying things with string.

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