Aloo Matar Recipe

By | November 14, 2020

Alu Pie recipe with detailed picture and video recipe. A simple and easy North Indian dish curry or vegetable dish made from basic ingredients like potatoes and green peas. Unlike other Punjabi curries, potato and peas are a simple curry without cream and cashew paste.
aloo mutter achealoo matarcipe | Aloo Matter Recipe | Alu Matar Recipe Step by Step Photo and Video Recipe. The recipe of aloe vera recipe is very basic and simple. It is made primarily with common onion and tomato based sauces and dill leaves or dill leaves dried with cumin. The dill leaf tadka gives a new taste and dimension compared to other traditional Punjabi curries.

I have always been a big fan of cheese dishes or cheese curry when it comes to North Indian or Punjabi cuisine. Right now I have a special place in this delicate aloo pea recipe, which is an everyday dish in my house. I have a lot of variety with this simple allu pea recipe with restaurant style, dhaba style. But it is simpler, less fancy curry and can also be made by amateur cooks. The recipe can be easily enhanced in a restaurant style by adding cashew paste and full cream. While the cashews are cooking you can add the cashews and mix with the cream after cooking is complete. I advise you to extend it only when you are preparing for your guests and it is good for everyday use.

Other than that, prepare an aloe vera recipe with some easy tips and recommendations. First of all, I used both onion and tomato as a base for aloe vera curry. If you are looking for an onion-free garlic recipe, you can easily skip it and it should taste equally good. Second, I used a pressure cooker to prepare and speed up the cooking process. But it is not mandatory and can be made even in an open role. Finally, the recipe can be easily enhanced by adding more vegetables to prepare this curry. A combination of vegetables like gobi, capsicum, beans, carrots and broccoli is ideal.

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