Amazing Chinese Valentine Day 2015 To 2021

By | January 12, 2021

Chinese Valentine Day Brief History

It is predicated on a romantic legend of a weaver woman and an ox herd. In 2021 that is August 25 (Tuesday).  There’s not any public holiday.Double Seventh Festival Truth.

History: over 2,000 Decades

Celebrations: providing presents (flowers, chocolates, ties…) to intimate partners, intimate dates – dinners, films, etc..Double Seventh Festival Presents (2020–2022)

Chinese Valentine Day 2021

Its Festive Day of Chinese Republic.

Significance of The Chinese Valentine Day

The History and Traditions of Dual Seventh Day  A number of the traditional customs are evaporating, or no more detected.  You’re More likely to locate these practiced in rural regions:

  1. Displaying skills (displaying dexterity) has been the hottest habit for girls in the day of Qixi. The longest standing approach to”beg abilities” would be to thread a needle beneath moonlight.  Young girls also mimicked exotic flowers, critters, and odd birds, usually onto a melon skin.
  2. At the day young girls sat around the dining table, showing their needlework, gazing at Vega, and praying to get a fantastic husband and a joyful life. Then they would play games or read poems .
  3. Honoring oxen: Kids chosen bunches of wild flowers and hung them on the horns of oxen in honour of the mythical ox. See below.
  4. Individuals ate and made’Skill Fruit’ (巧果 qiǎo guǒ / / chyaoww-gwor/”ability fruit’): fried, lean pastries of distinct shapes.Double Seven Festival is the most intimate of traditional Chinese festivals, and because China’s globalization it has become known as”Chinese Valentine’s Day”.

Final Thought For The Celebration Of Th Day

Nowadays people typically celebrate Chinese Valentine’s Day by giving flowers, chocolates, along with other gifts to their sweethearts, rather than performing the traditional habits.Even though in Chinese town.

Chinese Festive Love

Best  Qixi Festival 2021

Western Valentine’s Day has become more popular than Qixi with young men and women, the romantic legend of Niulang and Zhinü has taken deep root in the hearts of Chinese men and women.  It probably always will be informed from 1 generation to another…Qixi Festival originated in the legend of the cowherd and the weaver woman (Niulang and Zhinü).
牛郎 Niúláng / / nyoh-lung/’ox childhood’
An oxherd Niulang with the assistance of his ox (the demoted cows god) wed a fairy, Zhinü, that turned into a weaver woman.   Niulang pursued with the ox’s hide.  The goddess split them with a river of stars (the Milky Way), however, magpies were permitted to make a bridge to allow them to meet after annually (Qixi).





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