Are Greenies Good or Bad for Dogs

By | March 28, 2020

Pet owners, myself included, are always trying to find alternative ways to stay their pet healthy and happy, from keeping dog’s nails trimmed to worrying about what foods dogs can and can’t eat.
Sometimes it’s easy to forget to form bound to keep their pet’s mouth healthy, too. It’s not a fun or cheap task to treat a dog’s dental problems.

There are many products developed to assist with the sometimes tough job of keeping your pet’s mouth healthier. one among my favorite products for this is often Greenies.

Greenies help keep your pet’s teeth and gums clean between brushings and dental check ups with their vet

The distinctive pattern on the surface of the Greenie has grooves and ridges in order that as your pet chews on them they assist scrub the surface of their teeth.

They are not brittle like some dental chews. Greenies are flexible to offer a deeper clean right down to the gumline as your dog chews on the treat.

The ingredients they’re made up of can help prevent the regrowth of more tartar. consistent with a clinical test , Greenies reduced tarter in pets by 60%.

As the reviews will show, most pets love the flavors and lots of pet owners found an equivalent thing I did: Grenies helped reduced their pet’s bad breath.

These dental chews won’t replace regular care for your dog. you continue to got to take your pets to the vet to urge their teeth cleaned and checked on a daily basis.

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