Are Pig Ears Bad for Dogs

By | March 30, 2020

It was a warm Sunday afternoon – one among the last good days before the seasons change – and that we hadn’t gotten quite three feet into the shop when the voice rang out.

It’s the standard , good-natured welcome I receive from the shop manager whenever I take my German shepherd , Amber, into this particular pet store.

Although his words sound harsh, it’s delivered with a smile and every one things considered, i feel the manager has the maximum amount fun as Amber does … But that would just be my combat it.

Let me just means , for the record, that Amber doesn’t shoplift. She just, well – stealthily acquires and covertly relocates a sample of specific merchandise, for later tracking and inspection.

So, more to the purpose , at some point during our wandering through the shop , Amber snags a pig ear and hides it elsewhere within the store.

It’s a game with the stock boy for him to seek out where Amber hid it before her next trip in, where she is going to head right to the last hiding spot to see thereon .

Hey, I figure it makes everyone’s day a touch bit more interesting during a fun way, and that they seem to enjoy it also . No harm, no foul.

Since I got a sideways look from my bestie that asked, “what did she do?” and I’m trying to elucidate all this to my shopping companion to form us not all seem a couple of fries in need of a cheerful meal, she quite seriously asked me – I kid you not – what a pig’s ear was.

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