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While maximum human beings rely upon motors to get them in which they want to go, a few view conventional motors as investments worth in their time, energy, and money. Either way, the cars want coverage, and conventional motors have special coverage desires than the car you are the use of to get from right here to there on each daily basis.

While maximum varieties of vehicle coverage best cowl cars that become worse in fee, conventional vehicle coverage is installation to do the precise opposite—shield your funding and make certain your vehicle continues to be round for years to come. Because of this, conventional and vintage motors require unique policies.

Cars extra than 25 years vintage that keep a few historic importance commonly fall beneathneath the class of a conventional vehicle. Sometimes those are vintage-faculty American muscle motors, whilst different instances they are constrained version cars. Whether your collectible vehicle is a 1969 Dodge Charger or a 1954 Chevrolet truck, probabilities are your conventional vehicle’s fee is best going up whilst its elements retain to wear.

Like the motors it is made for, a top notch conventional vehicle coverage may be hard to find. After mulling over records for 8 area of expertise coverage businesses and 20 foremost vehicle coverage companies who provide conventional vehicle policies, we created a listing of those with the nice conventional vehicle insurance obtainable for the price.

Best 4 Classic Car Insurance of 2021

  1. Best Overall: American Modern
  2. Best Major Provider Classic Car Insurance: State Farm
  3. Best for Frequent Driving: Safeco
  4. Best For Restoration Project Cars: Hagerty

American Modern Car Insurance Company

American Modern entered the uniqueness coverage marketplace in 1949 and consequently is aware of the bits and bobs of insuring conventional cars, vintage autos, and different collectible vehicles. You won’t have heard of this lesser-recognized company, however American Modern’s A+ score with the Better Business Bureau can come up with peace of thought while you keep in mind the company’s rules.1


  • Available national
  • Agreed price decided earlier than you signal the coverage
  • Discounts of as much as 45% to be had


  • May now no longer cowl high-danger drivers
  • Some clients whinge approximately duration of claims processing


American Modern Classic Car Insurance is referred to as one of the maximum inclusive rules out there. Its conventional car and collector automobile coverage rules cowl the subsequent kinds of vehicles:

  • Muscle cars
  • Classic cars
  • Antique autos
  • Exotic vehicles
  • Street rods
  • Cobra replicas
  • Race cars
  • Classic motorcycles
  • Retired army vehicles
  • Collectible tractors
  • Antique hearthplace engines
  • Restorations in progress

Classic automobile and vintage car rules with American Modern constantly encompass physical damage and assets harm liability, collision and comprehensive, plus uninsured motorist and scientific payments/non-public damage protection.


American Modern gives numerous wonderful reductions that may shop drivers as much as 45%. These reductions encompass:

  • Credits for collections greater than $150,000 primarily based totally on protection functions and storage
  • Car Club Member cut price of 10% for anybody enrolled in an permitted automobile club
  • Anti-robbery reductions of as much as 20�sed on the safety functions you have
  • Accident prevention cut price of 5-10% for finishing an permitted motive force protection course

Availability and Limitations

American Modern Insurance is certified and to be had in all 50 states. However, the insurer does country that it has the proper to refuse insurance for drivers primarily based totally on their danger. Drivers with a record of accidents, DUIs, or different troubles won’t be capable of gain conventional automobile coverage via American Modern.

Also, in view that it’s miles a smaller coverage company, a few clients have skilled lengthy waits for claims processing, which may be irritating if you are running with a hectic frame keep that focuses on vintage autos.

Classic Car Perks

As a uniqueness coverage provider, American Modern sits down with you to decide your automobile’s agreed price earlier than finalizing a coverage. You additionally get an “inflation guard” in order that your coverage scales as your automobile will increase in price.

In addition, American Modern gives one-of-a-kind coverage pricing primarily based totally on mileage, so that you’ll pay much less in case your automobile is a collectible that spends maximum of its time withinside the garage. Mileage plans span from 1,000 miles consistent with 12 months to unlimited, providing you with masses of wiggle room relying on wherein you intend to move on your conventional automobile.

Finally, American Modern gives assured national roadside help and flatbed towing so that you by no means must fear approximately getting stranded withinside the occasion that your automobile acts temperamental even as you are at the road.

Other perks encompass:

  • Agreed price loss settlements
  • Spare components insurance
  • Trip interruption
  • New buy insurance for 30 days earlier than including to coverage
  • Pet insurance

Best Major Provider Classic Car Insurance State Farm

State Farm gives pretty aggressive quotes and insurance alternatives for traditional vehicles. It is one of the few vehicle coverage businesses that also is predicated on informed neighborhood sellers that will help you out with claims and different wishes alongside the way.


  • Coverage to be had nationwide
  • $500 in spare components insurance provided
  • Rates primarily based totally on use


  • Few precise reductions and perks for traditional vehicle owners
  • Many obstacles on insurance criteria


For State Farm’s Collector and Classic Car Insurance policy, your car wishes to satisfy one of the following criteria:

A traditional vehicle it’s among 10 and 24 years antique and holds a few types of anciental hobby, along with a muscle vehicle or warm rod

A vintage vehicle extra than 25 years in age that holds a few type of ancient hobby or price

Like maximum of its different vehicle coverage policies, State Farm gives all the simple varieties of insurance for traditional vehicles, including:

  • Liability
  • Medical payments/no-fault
  • Comprehensive
  • Collision
  • Uninsured motorist
  • Emergency street service

Additionally, State Farm gives the equal insurance wishes for traditional vehicles and vintage vehicles, like agreed price pricing, spare components insurance up to $500, and pricing primarily based totally on usage.


Unfortunately, State Farm does not provide any precise reductions for traditional vehicle owners. It does have many general reductions for secure drivers, secure vehicles, and purchaser loyalty. Since specific reductions range from country to country, test with a neighborhood State Farm agent or go to the State Farm internet site to discover what reductions you can qualify for.

Availability and Limitations

State Farm’s Classic Car insurance is to be had in all 50 states. In addition to the eligibility regulations primarily based totally on age, State Farm additionally limits all traditional vehicles it insures to satisfy the subsequent criteria:

  • Your vintage or traditional vehicle may be pushed simplest on a restrained basis, that means it cannot be your each day ride.
  • The vehicle should be absolutely restored and preserved in its unique condition.
  • When now no longer in use, your traditional vehicle should be saved in an enclosed constructing or garage.

Classic Car Perks

Beyond the emergency roadside help and spare components insurance up to $500, State Farm does not provide many perks for traditional vehicle owners. State Farm’s quotes are akin to maximum different strong point carriers of traditional and vintage vehicle coverage, and the employer tied for first a number of the big country wide manufacturers in J.D. Power’s 2021 Insurance Shopping Study.

Best For Frequent Driving Safeco

Whether you personal have a Fifties muscle vehicle or a vintage car, Safeco Insurance gives rules that can help you power your traditional vehicle truly regularly. As a subsidiary of Liberty Mutual, Safeco offers you the peace of thought of getting a strong point vehicle coverage furnished via way of means of a prime organization with an A+ Better Business Bureau score and extreme economic strength.3


  • No foremost mileage restrictions
  • Several precise reductions for traditional vehicle proprietors
  • Great insurance and perks


  • Not to be had in all 50 states
  • Limited to traditional vehicles and vintage vehicles with severa restrictions


Safeco’s Classic Car Insurance covers traditional vehicles, changed collector vehicles, reproductions, replicas, restorations, contemporary-day traditional vehicles, and vintage vehicles. Unlike many different traditional vehicle rules that set mileage restrictions, Safeco’s traditional vehicle coverage coverage permits you to power as much as 10,000 miles in step with year, which makes it a brilliant preference for muscle vehicle proprietors who need to apply their vehicle regularly. You set up an agreed fee whilst you join up for insurance.

When it involves particular insurance inside your coverage, Safeco gives traditional vehicle proprietors:

  • Bodily damage liability
  • Property harm liability
  • Uninsured motorist
  • Comprehensive
  • Collision
  • Personal belongings insurance

Finally, Safeco gives brilliant roadside help insurance that consists of towing and simple emergency services.


Even aleven though it is now no longer a strong point vehicle coverage organization, Safeco gives numerous brilliant reductions on its traditional vehicle coverage rules. You can acquire reductions for:

  • Taking a twist of fate prevention course
  • Electing “constrained use” in case you power much less than 5,000 miles in step with year
  • Pairing your traditional vehicle insurance with ordinary car rules or different sorts of coverage (i.e. homeowners)

Availability and Limitations

Safeco vehicle coverage isn’t always to be had in Delaware, Hawaii, New Jersey, Rhode Island, or the District of Columbia. It additionally restricts traditional vehicle insurance to vehicles and road motors, which means rules will now no longer cowl different antique motors like motorcycles, tractors, or retired army motors. Furthermore, Safeco’s traditional vehicle rules will now no longer cowl package vehicles, vehicles that can be much less than 50% restored, racing motors, or vehicles with nitrous oxide engines.

Classic Car Perks

The largest perk is the capacity to power prolonged miles. Safeco additionally permits you to insure complete collections of traditional vehicles, with the choice to customise insurance on every vehicle or pick out the usual rules on them all. It additionally makes use of your agreed fee withinside the occasion of a complete loss, and could renegotiate that agreed fee if the fee of your vehicle will increase over time.

Finally, Safeco is one of the few foremost vehicle coverage organizations to be able to let you package deal traditional vehicle insurance with different sorts of coverage to prevent money.

Best For Restoration Project Cars Hagerty

Hagerty has specialised in traditional vehicle coverage due to the fact 1984. It gives fantastic prices with terrific perks, and the proprietors re-make investments again into the traditional vehicle community. With insurance for recuperation initiatives and group of workers individuals committed to assisting you discover elements, Hagerty is a recuperation lover’s dream for vehicle coverage.


  • Special insurance for recuperation initiatives and vehicles below production
  • High spare elements and gear insurance as compared to different companies
  • Many perks specially for traditional vehicles


  • Strict necessities for insurance
  • Will now no longer insure traditional vehicles used every day


As a uniqueness vehicle coverage business enterprise, Hagerty gives insurance rules for traditional vehicles and vintage autos, consisting of traditional vehicles from 1979 and older, constrained version vehicles (consisting of supercars), warm rods, replicas, retired industrial or navy vehicles, or even uniqueness motorsport vehicles.

When it involves varieties of insurance, Hagerty gives:

  • Liability insurance
  • Collision and comprehensive
  • Medical bills and private damage protection
  • Uninsured motorist protection
  • Roadside help and journey interruption insurance

Additionally, Hagerty offers a few coverages that observe specially to traditional vehicles:

  • Guaranteed price
  • Spare elements and device insurance as much as $750
  • Automatic quarterly price will increase of 10%
  • Vehicle below production insurance for vehicles withinside the recuperation process
  • Cherished salvage rights withinside the case of a complete loss


As a uniqueness coverage business enterprise, Hagerty does not provide tons withinside the manner of reductions. But individuals of Hagerty’s Drivers Club can take gain of reductions on vehicle mobile shows, elements, and accessories.

Availability and Limiations

Hagerty traditional vehicle coverage is to be had in all 50 states and Canada, however the business enterprise does keep a few pretty strict barriers on the subject of insurance. For starters, it’s going to now no longer insure high-danger drivers. This consists of drivers with DUIs, rushing violations, or different reckless using prices withinside the beyond 3 years.

Furthermore, Hagerty calls for that after now no longer in use, your collectible vehicle is saved in a garage, barn, or comparable sort of garage location. The business enterprise will now no longer insure traditional vehicles used every day and calls for which you have any other regular-use car it truly is insured for it to even provide you insurance in your traditional vehicle.

Classic Car Perks

Hagerty is inclined to insure vehicles present process recuperation and could cowl new purchases for as much as 30 days earlier than you upload them on your policy. Because of this, Hagerty is honestly the quality desire for everybody who buys collectible vehicles in a less-than-pristine situation and restores them.

Another huge perk that Hagerty gives is professional claims service. The business enterprise makes a specialty of traditional vehicles, and a group of workers individuals are accessible that will help you tune down hard-to-discover elements. For uncommon or dated vehicles, this could be a superb asset.

Compare Best 4 Classic Car Insurance Providers

Provider Best For
American Modern Best Overall
State Farm Best Major Provider Classic Car Insurance
Safeco Best for Frequent Driving
Hagerty Best for Restoration Project Cars


What Is the Difference Between Classic Car Insurance and Regular Car Insurance?

Although guidelines for each traditional motors and regular motors provide most of the equal kinds of insurance, there are numerous methods wherein traditional vehicle coverage differs from the kinds of guidelines presented on different motors.

Since traditional motors frequently boom in fee in preference to depreciate as they age, the valuation technique works in a totally one-of-a-kind way. Many traditional vehicle guidelines use what’s called “agreed fee” in place of sticky label fee or different willpower methods. This agreed fee takes into consideration present day marketplace values in addition to all the funding you’ve got placed into the automobile thru healing or upgrades.4


Classic vehicle insurance normally fees much less due to the fact groups location mileage caps or utilization agreements on their guidelines. In maximum cases, you may not be riding your vintage vehicle mobile or traditional muscle vehicle to paintings each day, this means that that the legal responsibility is decreased for vehicle coverage groups. As a result, they do not fee you as tons in premiums.

Classic vehicle insurance quantities additionally alternate greater often than a normal coverage on the grounds that traditional motors benefit fee over the years and additionally similarly boom in fee as you do similarly paintings to them.

Because of those differences, traditional vehicle insurance frequently comes with absolutely one-of-a-kind regulations and expectancies than maximum different vehicle coverage guidelines, like mileage regulations, garage necessities, and different specific concerns which can be wished while insuring those kinds of motors.

How Much Does It Cost to Insure a Classic Car?

Insurance for traditional motors can price a median of 36% much less than well known vehicle coverage guidelines. While genuine fees range primarily based totally at the specifics of your vehicle, location, and riding history, probabilities are you may spend numerous hundred greenbacks much less in line with yr on traditional vehicle coverage than you will with a well-known coverage.

Can You Get Full Coverage on a Classic Car?

In maximum cases, traditional vehicle coverage guidelines would require you to hold complete insurance because of the character of the motors. Because traditional motors keep such excessive fee and upkeep may be tons greater costly, it is really to your great hobby to hold complete insurance that consists of collision and complete in addition to your state’s minimal necessities of legal responsibility coverage.

What is Considered a Classic Car for Insurance Purposes?

While specifics range among coverage groups, traditional motors normally have to be:

  • Antique and traditional motors, normally at the least 25 to 30 years old
  • Hot rods and changed motors
  • Exotic and comfort autos
  • Muscle motors
  • Classic trucks

Additionally, those motors are normally predicted to be in a few forms of the restored situation with a positive percent of authentic parts, and that they must keep a few forms of ancient fee.4

The Bottom Line

Chances are that in case you personal a traditional vehicle, you’ve got invested massive quantities of time, energy, and cash into your vehicle. It’s critical to provide your prized ownership the safety it wishes and merits with traditional vehicle coverage. The alternatives we selected are awesome groups to test out so that you have peace of thoughts at the same time as you experience that Sunday force to your traditional vehicle.

How We Chose the Best Classic Car Insurance

When deciding on our pinnacle vehicle coverage pointers for traditional motors, we evaluated greater than 25 vehicle coverage groups that provide traditional vehicle coverage primarily based totally on numerous metrics, inclusive of insurance alternatives, monetary strength, claims pleasure ratings, and consumer critiques from websites. We additionally in comparison marketed fees and reductions on every company’s internet site plus information on vehicle fanatic web sites like The Truth About Cars, Car and Driver, and greater. Our evaluation is supposed to offer you with an awesome wealth of information, however, we clearly inspire you to store round earlier than committing to at least one issuer to your traditional vehicle coverage wishes.

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