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By | May 8, 2021

How To Commands for Cat ETC Redhat Release Check-In 2021

am a brand-new Linux sysadmin and user. I suppose we’ve got 5 RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux) Dell servers in our office. How do I decide the RHEL model? How do I discover RHEL kernel model from the ssh consultation created through putty.exe?

Introduction of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) running machine created for agency customers. It is time-honored amongst enterprise users, developers, and sysadmin because of long-time period support, stability, and excellent open-supply software. This web page suggests a way to discover the RHEL model from the command line.

How do I decide RHEL release version?

To show the Red Hat Enterprise Linux model use anybody of the subsequent command/methods:

  • To determine RHEL version, type: cat /etc/redhat-release
  • Execute command to find RHEL version: more /etc/issue
  • Show RHEL version using the command line, rune: less /etc/os-release
  • RHEL 7.x or above user can use the hostnamectl command to get RHEL version

Let us see all instructions in detail.

How to test RHEL / Redhat version?

Type the following cat command:

How to check Redhat version

This cat Redhat command give the output

How to check Redhat version 2

To show the RHEL kernel version, type:

How to check Redhat version 3

How to verify the RedHat Enterprise Linux model the usage of hostnamectl?

Simply run the subsequent hostnamectl command:

How to confirm RedHat Enterprise Linux version using hostnamectl

The output of this hostnamectl command is

output of hostnamectl command

Other instructions to discover RHEL version

One can use the rpm command:

Other commands to find out RHEL version

The output of above command is

Other commands to find out RHEL version 2

Another alternative is to run lsb_release command. However, you want to put in a package deal named redhat-lsb-middle the usage of the yum command as follows

yum command of red hat linux version

yum command of red hat linux version 2

A pattern consultation from my RHEL 7 server

Let us run all instructions on RHEL model 7:

A sample session from my RHEL 7 server


This web page confirmed you numerous RHEL command to discover your Redhat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) version. These examples additionally paintings on community-supported distributions like CentOS and Scientific Linux and industrial forks like Oracle Linux. Fedora Linux serves as its upstream supply for RHEL. Hence examples paintings on Fedora too

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