Colors of Valentine’s Day

By | January 20, 2021

Valentine’s Day is known around the world as an opportunity to celebrate love. Red, pink or white flowers and funny or emotional cards are common gifts exchanged. In America, jewelry has also become a popular love token. However, almost any gift wrapped in Valentine’s colors is acceptable.
The red flowers symbolize strength, love, and deep love. Traditionally, they are reserved for a close and loving relationship. From ancient times the red rose has been valued for its fragrance and beauty. Giving a red carpet to a Valentine’s Day friend can send the wrong message and create a negative mood.

Roses can be a great alternative to a friend or family member. This color speaks of love, sweetness and understanding. Since pink is actually created in a combination of red and white, some view pink as a symbol of purity and virginity. A bright pink can represent kindness, gentleness, praise and friendship. Dark pink, on the other hand, is more dependent on praise, appreciation and praise.
White flowers symbolize spiritual love, purity, respect, and humility. They can also show loyalty, which is essential in any romantic relationship.
The tradition of celebrating Valentine’s Day has many myths. A common occurrence is the story of a priest, St. Valentine, who was martyred in the third century for marrying new couples in opposition to the emperor’s proclamation. While cultures and stories have changed over the years, the main colors of flowers or the threat of gifts and cards remain the same.
However, since the colors of each rose have their own message, many gift givers choose to give the most important shade to the recipient or the recipient’s favorite. The following colors can be sensible Valentine’s gifts:
• Purple, lavender – This color is a declaration that the giver is in love with the recipient when he or she first sees him or her. It also likens witchcraft to the beginning.
• Coral-Desire color.
• Orange, apricot-Colors of zeal and attraction.
• Yellow silences the feeling of “Welcome Back” – such as “Tie a yellow ribbon around an old Oak tree.” Yellow also speaks of joy, happiness and friendship.
• Peach-Sympathy, integrity, gratitude and modesty are all represented by this multi-purpose color.
Clear color combinations can also carry an important message:
• Red and white speak of unity.
• Yellow and orange express romantic thoughts.
• Red and yellow are the celebratory colors that give congratulations.
The “blue” and “black” flowers are not really in the natural world, and they are not the best choices for this holiday season. The blue flowers represent the inaccessibility or the impossibility of the situation. Red-black, or black, flowers may indicate rebirth and new life, but they are often associated with death and farewell.
Valentine’s Day is a great time to remember your loved ones with flowers and cards. And it is one of the most difficult days of the year for those who feel neglected and alone. Imagine being able to reach someone you might be afraid of that very day. There are enough rose colors to choose from to communicate the important message — you care.

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