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By | November 14, 2020

The owner of the cat (or any fuzzy creature) is a known stress reliever, and I have a super cute kitty at home. But sometimes I get stressed at work – maybe I read a depressing political story, or feel overwhelmed, or got a book rejection – and I can’t go home with my cat. I need a cat quickly to make my brain laugh and reset. Cats come in GIFs! It may seem silly, but browsing through cat GIFs can help me break any chain of negative thinking and be productive again. So I wanted to share that cutness (and productivity boost) with you!

Here are 20 of my favorite cat GIFs, you are guaranteed with a smile! Each image links to its source, so when you need a little fun, feel free to download each image or bookmark this post.


01: And spreading his tiny pink toes. It’s almost too cute to be real.

02: Being awake is just too much.

03: You can never have too many cats facepalming.

04: This may literally be the greatest GIF ever created.

05: This is how I feel whenever I look at Twitter lately, so I get it.

06: Everything’s going to be okay. Right? RIGHT?

07: Nose boop : power button.

08: Some people who make GIFs are hilarious.

09: If this doesn’t make you tear up a bit, I don’t even know.

10: It may be a cartoon (Puss in Boots from Shrek), but he’s still downright adorable.









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