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Dal Chawal is a traditional Bohri dish. It is a lentil and rice casserole served with gram flour gravy. It is prepared for dinner on the last day of Ramadan so that it is easy to prepare, serve and eat. Dal Chawal Palita, Khichdi Sarki, Dal Chawal Palida, Dal Rice with Gravy.Today is the day before Eid and traditionally in every Bohri Ghar, there is a Dal Chawal for dinner. The evening before Eid, all the ladies of the house wear the mahndi (mehndi) on their hands and celebrate Eid the next day. So they can’t cook in the evening and dinner is usually made in the morning. Also, since gourds are in their hands, men feed women with their hands.


Three parts – Dal, Chaul and Palisa


Dal Chawal Palita, Dal Chawal Surki, Dal Chawal Palida Although the dish has three main components, it is still an easy recipe. In the final dish, the trio eats lentils, chowder and palita in a spoon.Lentils (Arhar or yellow pigeon lentils) Lentils are soaked and then softened to retain their shape.Chawal basmati rice, which is first applied on a small basis (as in Bas Basha). Layer the rice and cooked lentils, sprinkle with the fried onions, seal and place in the oven.Palita (also known as Palida or Saraki) gram flour / gram flour based gravy.For the first time since I got married in the Bohri family I have ruled out, we made kadhi gram flour curry in most Indian dishes. I loved it! I wonder why it is not made often :-D. It is a sour flowing soup. Coconut is added for sour but you can also use amchoor (dry mango) or lemon juice if you are not available.


Traditional bohri food on a large plate


Dodi Bohra dishes are varied and very special in presenting food. On special occasions the whole family sits around a large plate and eats with a plate. Even after 11 years of being part of the powerful Bohri community, I was also amazed as I sat in the thall during my first marriage. Now our world is moving towards a new world with words like “social distance” that are part of everyday vocabulary. I do not know how these traditions of the whole society of sitting and eating from the same community can continue.


My favorite vegetarian bohri diet ruled by Dal Chawal. Spicy and thick; Warm and comfortable. It is very easy to cook, but the lentils, rice and milk need to be cooked separately. But it can all be done at once and therefore it will be faster if there are too many burners.

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