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By | December 31, 2020

Our Sambers living in the Beverly Hills and West Los Angeles neighborhoods provide comfortable, well-appointed environments in a structured recovery setting. As we combine this environment with services, resources and expertise, our customers need to move forward in recovery and continue their journey towards Los Angeles. Here at Epiphany, the addictive recovery takes place on a whole new level, with real life parts, in a luxury lifestyle.

Los Angeles drug treatment

Sober Living Common questions we ask people living in West Los Angeles What is Sober Living and how to rehabilitate or medical detox Los Angeles?

To put it simply, the initial phase of Los Angeles drug treatment begins with medical detox at the Rapid Detox Center in California. This fast detox Los Angeles‌ should be followed by an addiction psychiatrist after a diagnosis of an addiction disorder and mental health; They recommend for the best rehabilitation to help your long-term recovery. This recovery can occur through one of the treatment drug treatment centers in Los Angeles or through the rehabilitation of the patient in their home or in a quiet home.

Sober Living House California provides you with a stable environment for overcoming alcohol and / or drug addiction. At Epiphany, we understand that the process of drug or alcohol addiction recovery is unique to each person. Our Sober Living Homes in Los Angeles (as well as our homes for the Sober Living Beverly Hills) provide you with support, expert guidance, optimism, comfort and a great atmosphere of peace so that you can make the potential transition to this new phase. Your life. .

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