Father’s Day in Canada

By | March 21, 2020

In Canada, Father’s Day is widely known with lot of enthusiasm and fanfare. Since, the tradition of celebrating Fathers Day moved to Canada from US, Fathers Day in Canada is additionally celebrated on third Sunday of June. even as in US, people in Canada too wear roses to precise gratitude for his or her father. Traditionally, if the person is wearing red rose, it symbolizes the person’s father is alive. Likewise, white rose means the person’s father is not any more.

Children in Canada express affection and honor for his or her dad by presenting them cards, flowers and chocolates. In times , several other gifts of affection including neckties, shirts, electronic gadgets, stationery items etc also are gifted to father by loving children. Another noticeable trend about Fathers Day celebration in Canada is that aside from their biological father people wish “Happy Father’s Day” to their grandfathers, stepfathers, foster father, uncles or the other man who is as affectionate and loving towards them as a father.

Immense popularity of Fathers Day festival has turned the occasion commercial to a big degree. Days before the festival markets wear a festival look as gift and card sellers attempt to lure the people and harp on the emotional significance of the occasion.

Dining out with family is another popular Fathers Day tradition in Canada. No wonder, restaurants and eating joints witness a bumper rush on the occasion.

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