Father’s Day Prayer

By | March 20, 2020

Fathers must be worshiped but sometimes you furthermore may feel the urge to wish for the health and happiness of your loving father. Here may be a collection of heartfelt Fathers Day Prayers. Read this Father’s Day Prayers with full sincerity and humility to invoke divine blessings for the well being and prosperity of your father.

Best List Fathers Day Prayers

A Special Prayer for Fathers

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  4. A Father’s Day Prayer -2
  5. Father’s Day Prayer -3

01 Father’s Day Prayer

Thank you, friend Jesus,
for my father who loves me,
for my grandfather who cares on behalf of me ,
and for God, your father and mine,
who made me and is usually with me.
How lucky I am!
Gaynell Bordes Cronin
From Friend Jesus: Prayers for youngsters

02 Father’s Day Prayer

Let us praise those fathers who have striven to balance the stress of labor , marriage, and youngsters with an honest awareness of both joy and sacrifice. allow us to praise those fathers who, lacking an honest model for a father, have worked to become an honest father.

Let us praise those fathers who by their own account weren’t always there for his or her children, but who still offer those children, now grown, their love and support. allow us to pray for those fathers who are wounded by the neglect and hostility of their children.

Let us praise those fathers who, despite divorce, have remained in their children’s lives. allow us to praise those fathers whose children are adopted, and whose love and support has offered healing.

03 Father’s Day Prayer 

God our Father,
in your wisdom and love you made all things.
Bless these men,
that they’ll be strengthened as Christian fathers.
Let the instance of their faith and love shine forth.
Grant that we, their sons and daughters,
may honor them always
with a spirit of profound respect.

Grant this through Christ our Lord.

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