Flea treatment and Prevention for dogs in 2020

By | March 30, 2020

We love our pets. But if you’ve ever had to affect a flea infestation in your home, there may are a quick moment once you second guessed that relationship.

In the best case scenario, these pests (no, not “pets”) are annoying. you’ll feel them jumping on you and it looks like you’re just a number to move them from one area of your life to a different (it’s the worst once you get them in your car).

But that’s not where the important danger lies. Fleas can cause itching and fatigue and may carry a number of diseases, including Lyme disease and, of course, the plague (though it’s highly unlikely today).

The best flea treatment for dogs starts with getting obviate any critters they have already got . First of all, you ought to bathe your furry friend regularly with some kind of flea shampoo. There are variety of options available from name brand shampoos to natural ones with no added chemicals. Oatmeal baths also are effective.

Keep your pet inside. Fleas live outside so keeping your animal within the house limits their exposure to those insects. in fact you ought to exercise your pup often but once you do, attempt to stand back from wooded areas or areas with tons of underbrush.

Use some kind of flea prevention. the simplest thanks to get obviate fleas is to never have them within the first place. We’ve listed the foremost popular ones below. See which treatment works best for you and your canine and persist with it.

Be consistent. The life cycle of a flea can last up to six months so simply because you don’t see them now doesn’t mean you ought to stop regular treatments.Choosing a dog bed with cedar filling also can make an honest impact but make certain that the buggers aren’t just jumping around to other parts of your home.

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