By | September 19, 2020

Teachers from the top of our education system. They teach our children everything they need to know in and around the classroom, and with endless enthusiasm, patience and empathy.

When the year comes, the only justice is to show them some love and charm. It is very difficult to teach children, teens, adults – any age, most of us can only try to understand. So, as you say goodbye before the summer break, make sure you are thanking your child’s teacher.

There are enough cups in his cabinet so far, no matter how clear the motto on it, you may not be the default to give them away. Instead, give them one of these 30 thoughtful and useful gifts.

Gift card

Adding a gift card to your personalized note is appreciated by any teacher. It may seem boring, but most of the teachers we talked to said they like getting gift cards from companies, movie theaters, Amazon, Target or Whole Foods. “Relationships often try to make you unique and neat, but most teachers want things that are boring and vague,” said Kapil Kaplan, assistant dean of Dalton School students in New York City. “My parents thanked me for the note attached to the gift card, which makes a lot of sense and can also assign me the new emptiness I need, to help buy groceries. Or a fun night out with friends.” “You can’t go wrong with restaurants, movies or gift cards about everyone’s attacks, shops or watching movies,” Thomas says.

Vanessa de Riggs, a second-grade teacher in Brooklyn, prefers cash or Visa / Amex gift cards because they allow her to buy what she wants or need, and they avoid the hassle of what to do with the gift. Wo suggests that teachers spend their own money on supplies wherever they work. They say “Target or the Amazon Gift Card is the gift I spend the most in my class, giving back antibacterial wipes, treats or even colored pencils.”


Massage Envy Gift Certificate

No teacher is satisfied at the same rate. They take care of other people every day. Liz Clyrock, a teacher and inter-coordinator at Citizens of the World Silver Lake in Los Angeles, says winning a facial massage or other spa treatment prize is a must. “My opinion is that giving teachers experience is more important than things. Self-care is more important to teachers, but when I have extra money, I often tend to spend it on books or equipment rather than on my students.” Recommends. “” When you’ve had children all day and regularly at school like you, it’s hard to find time for self – care.


A gift to the class

Kate, a Boston area music school music teacher, says even small gifts can have a tremendous impact when they are personal. “For me, children need pencils to mark their parts. I think the great class gift is a box of customized pencils with school names or class / ensemble names. “

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