Good Friday Games Youth

By | March 13, 2021

Good Friday Games Youth Tug of war day

Instead of getting a Lock-in on the church, ask participants of your church or nearby groups to host the kids for one to 2 hours for the duration of the night. At every house, have a plan interest plus snacks. We begin at 5 pm on the church and stop at 7 am again on the church. The Kids have a blast! Examples of activities

  1. Wal-mart grocery store sweep and all objects might be bought for the nearby meals banks. 3am withinside the morning is an exquisite time. Only people are withinside the store. Always have an grownup with the agencies of kids. Put clues in easter eggs and ship them on their way.
  2. Midnight Easter Egg Hunt – use flash lighting fixtures or automobile lighting fixtures
  3. Slinky races down the stairs. Metal works the best
  4. Tug of War
  5. Dye Easter eggs
  6. Flash Light Tag
  7. Easter Egg toss
  8. Tumbling Contest in participants yards
  9. Hula Hoop Contest
  10. Pudding Eating Contest – the seize is, MUST BE DONE THROUGH A STRAW
  11. Pizza on the Pastor’s house

The listing can pass on and on. Keep them busy or they may get tired. SO WILL YOU! Enjoy these good Friday games for youth or adults.

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