Good Friday Greetings in Italian

By | March 15, 2021

Our Easter quotes from Italy will help you learn the basics of Easter and other Italian festive phrases.

Italian customs and traditions mean that Easter is celebrated with great enthusiasm and with a common Italian celebration. A time of great joy – welcome in the spring and a new life.

good friday greetings in italian 2021Although the Italian Easter egg tradition is strong in Italy (it has to be – it includes chocolate!) The tradition of sending cards containing commercially generated Easter words is rare.

But that does not mean that the card, book, or e-card in everyday Italian will not be enjoyed by your friends. It will definitely do.

This page will help you do the word search for Easter with all the greetings you want to send!

How to use these Italian Easter expressions

good friday greetings in italian

If you would like to send a few Italian phrases or Easter words to family or friends this year, you do not need to learn to speak or everyday Italian

You don’t even need to buy a dictionary – your Easter word search is over! This basic guide to daily Easter words and Italian phrases will help you at least write a card.

And if you leave it too late to send a card by post, our free e-cards for Italian photos are available for you to use. If you also like to add some Italian love phrases, it’s much better!

So let’s get started.

English Italian How it’s pronounced
Happy Easter! Buona Pasqua! Boo-ona Pas-kwa
Palm Sunday Domenica delle palme Dom-en-eeca deh-lay pal-may
Easter La Pasqua La Pas-kwa
Good Friday
(literally : Holy Friday)
Venerdì Santo Ven-er-dee San-toe
Easter Saturday
(literally : Holy Saturday)
Sabato Santo Saba-toe San-toe
Easter Sunday La domenica di Pasqua La Doe-men-ee-ka dee Pa-skwa
Easter Monday
(literally : Little Easter or
lamb’s Monday)
Pasquetta or

Lunedì dell’Agnello



Loon-ay-dee dell anyellow

Happy Good Friday Buona venerdì santo Boo-ona Ven-er-dee San-toe
Lent La Quaresima La Kwar-ay-see-ma
Easter egg Uovo di cioccolatta


Uovo di Pasqua

Oo-oh-vo dee choco-latt-a or

Oo-oh-voe dee pas-kwa

Easter cake La Colomba La Col-om-ba
Easter bunny Il coniglietto pasquale Eel coneel-yeto pas-kwal-ay
Easter candle La candela pasquale La can-day-la pas-kwal-ay
An Easter blessing Una bendizione di Pasqua Oona ben-dee-tsee-ownay dee Pas-kwa
The Pope Il Papa Eel Papa
I’d like to wish you Happy Easter (informal / to a friend) Vorrei augurarti Buona Pasqua Vorray aw-goo-rartee boo-ona pas-kwa
Best wishes for Easter Auguri di Buona Pasqua Ow-goo-ree dee boo-ona Pas-kwa
I wish you and your family a very happy time at Easter Mi auguro che tu e la tua famiglia abbiate trascorso una Buona Pasqua Mee ow-goo-row kay too ay la too-a fam-ee-lya ab-ee-atay tras-cor-sow oona boo-ona Pas-kwa
Christmas with family, Easter with friends
(Italian saying).
Natale con i tuoi, Pasqua con chi vuoi. Nata-lay con ee tw-oee, pas-kwa con key vw-oy-ee

It’s easy, isn’t it ?!

grand good friday greetings in italian

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