Good Friday History Jokes

By | March 12, 2021

Will and Guy have come to the conclusion that Good Friday is one of the few topics that has no sense of humor. However, if you think about it, it is compelling to research the reason for the word Good Friday.

Amazing Bank Closure

Good friday history jokes of bank

One day just before Easter, Eddie entered a car park. His wife Brenda had taken a few things and was waiting for him. “Hello darling,” Eddie said happily as Brenda got into the car. “How was your day? The Bank Will Close On Good Friday” I can’t believe it, “said Brenda. It looks like our bank is in trouble. “” What? “Asks Eddie.” It closes at the end of the week, “Brenda replied.” That’s not going to work out, “Eddie said. “It’s a national bank!” “Well that’s true,” Brenda returned. “I saw a sign in the window.” “What is the sign?” Asks Eddie. “Drive through the bank and you’ll see,” Brenda replied. Eddie headed for the bank. “Right there,” Brenda said as they walked past the bank. “See the sign? It says, ‘We’ll be locked up Good Friday!’ ”

Another great Friday joke

Roger left for church at 10:45 a.m. Good Friday. However, instead of going to church, he spent the whole weekend hanging out with the boys and using his entire paycheck. Roger finally appeared at home on Sunday night, and he apparently had an affair with his angry wife, Martha, who harassed Roger for nearly two hours in a fit of rage. Finally, Martha could no longer suppress her frustration and asked Roger, ‘What if you don’t see me for two or three days?’ Roger replied sarcastically, ‘It would be better for me.’ Monday passed and he did not see his Martha. On Tuesday and Wednesday, they came across the same results. By Thursday, the swelling had subsided enough for Roger to see Martha slightly in the corner of her left eye.

Good Day Chicken

Good friday history jokes of good fry day chicken

What day of the year do chickens hate the most?

Good frying day!

Funny Taxi Driver Story and St Peter (Religious Joke)

Good friday history jokes of story of taxi driver

One Good Friday a priest and a taxi driver both died and went to heaven. St Peter was at the gates of Pearl waiting for them. ‘Come with me,’ said St. Peter told the taxi driver. The taxi driver did as he was told and followed St Peter to the mansion. It had everything you could think of from a bowling alley to an Olympic size lake. ‘Oh my voice, thank you,’ said the taxi driver. Next, St. Peter led the priest to an angry old shack with a nest bed and an old television set. ‘Stop, I think you are crazy,’ said the priest. ‘Should I not be the one to receive the mansion? After all, I was a pastor, going to church every day, and preaching the word of God. ” Yes, that’s true. ‘ St Peter added, ‘But at the time of your sermons people were asleep. While the taxi driver is driving, everyone is praying. ‘Footnote: If you can find a good but clean Friday joke, please send it to us.

Why is Good Friday called Good Friday?

In fact, Lamentations Friday will be a better description of the day when Christ was crucified. However, there are two possible ‘Good Friday’ features. The other is the ‘Good’ version of ‘Friday Friday’. The owners of this idea say ‘Good be with ye’ is having ‘Good bye’. One theory is that the choice of the word ‘good’ was deliberate, that our view had changed. If in the first century after Christ’s birth Friday was traditionally a day of celebration, then this Friday was the most important year of the year. Another idea, proposed by the most devout is this Good Friday because it is the final test of the Christian faith; namely, Christ died, and was raised on the third day. Perhaps it is helpful to look for clues in the name of the other languages ​​that give this date, for example, the Eastern Orthodox Church calls this day Holy and Holy Friday. French: Vendredi Saint (Holy Friday). German: Karfreitag. Italian: Vendredi Santo (Holy Friday again) Conclusion: Perhaps Good Friday was originally a Friday of God.

When is Good Friday?

Except for the day on which Christ was crucified, Good Friday two days before Easter Sunday (Christ rose on the third day).

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Here are some dates for other years:

  • 2011 22th April (Late)
  • 2012 April 6
  • 2013 March 29 (Original)
  • 2014 18th April
  • and 2021 2nd April
  • See Passover Days

Most Days Received By Easter Palm Sunday

  • Palm Sunday is always the Sunday before Easter.
  • Mother Church (UK) three weeks before Easter.
  • Ashes Wednesday, marking the start of the loan 46 days before Passover. The calculation of the 40-day loan rebate on Sundays, thus distinguishing between 46 and 40. There is also ‘Shrove Tuesday’ known as ‘Pancake Day’.
  • Another Famous Friday.

Thursday Maundy in Germany

Good friday history jokes of green egg

The day before Good Friday is known as Maundy Thursday. Green eggs Easter Easter Maundy Thursday In Germany on this day they dye green eggs. Known as Ostern in the German-speaking countries of Austria, Germany, and Switzerland, it is equally important for Catholics and Protestants alike. Easter customs may be traced back to pre-Christian times, with pagan customs associated with early spring and fertility, symbolized by daffodils, rabbits, and eggs. The art of decorating scrambled eggs, Easter eggs or Ausgeblasene Eier, is an Austrian and German tradition. Nowadays, the Satzvey castle, a beautiful, hottest castle in Germany, has an Easter market featuring artfully decorated eggs as well as art and crafts inspired by spring. City centers in Southern Germany decorate their fountains for two weeks from Good Friday and North Germany celebrates by burning large piles of logs, sometimes with witchcraft cartoons to mark the end of winter. Beer, hot fist, and grilled sausages are cooked. In Franconian Switzerland to Northern Bavaria, the city’s springs are adorned with real, blown eggs.

Monday Thursday in England

Good friday history jokes coin

The key to understanding the unfamiliar word ‘Maundy’ is to remember Christ’s command at the Passover. This was the day that Jesus Christ commanded his 12 disciples to break bread and to drink wine in his memory. When the gospels were written in Latin, the order was written as authoritative (mandatory) and this was later transferred to ‘Maundy’. Great Thursday to the Middle Ages the reigning king of England washed the feet of the poor on Thursday, Maundy. While this tradition ended after the reign of Charles II, the tradition of giving to the poor continued. Our current Queen is still giving money to the Maundys on the Thursday before Easter Sunday. These Maundy silver coins are specially made, and four coins are placed in each bag. One royal treasury each year was then distributed to selected English men and women. On the basis of dual choice, recipients can be pensioners and provide assistance to their community. In 2009 Kathleen Grimwood, 107, was among 83 women who received Maundy’s money from the Queen. As usual, an equal number of men also found a bag containing Maundy coins. Footnote: If you can find a good but clean Friday joke, please send it to us.


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