Grand World Book Day 2021

By | February 24, 2021

World Book Day is one of the highlights of our year at the National Literacy Trust! We love the annual celebration of writers, actors, books, and the joy of reading.

Although this year may be slightly different due to locksmiths, we have many ideas on how to celebrate World Book Day 2021 on 4 March. We have some amazing stuff planned for our Hub, school plans, and our corporate partners.

Fun reading is at the heart of World Book Day. We know that making every day a book can have a profound impact on children and the well-being of young people. Three out of five children (59.3%) children and young people told us during the first closure that learning makes them feel better. It shows how important it is to encourage children to learn to enjoy these difficult times.

Enjoy £ 1 books for World Book Day

It will be different this year, but £ 1 books by famous authors are still available in stores and supermarkets where these stores are allowed to open. Schools have been invited to participate in the details of printed and digital usage tokens posted on the World Book Day website. You can see all of this year’s best degrees here.

Our Collaborative School Library, in partnership with Oak Academy, will host the World Book Day theme from 1 March – be sure to check out, there are some exciting surprises to come.

Know Events of World Book Day

There may be events in the area where your school can be involved. Contact your school’s library service, community library, or local bookstore to find out what is planned.

The World Book Day website has details on how to get involved with live events and classes recorded online.

While we will not be giving too much away, we suggest that families and teachers keep a close eye on our national Facebook page for some fun events for the day itself!

Are you a doctor looking for other motives?

Popular school dress events will be different this year, but you can still encourage kids to wear a hat, badge, or costume for your online live lessons, and ask them to show off and tell you’ their favorite reading material.

As a challenge? Work with teachers in other classes, read aloud or read aloud to their students, but keep it a secret! Can they name a book and/or a teacher? (Remember to check publishers’ copyright restrictions on book sharing.)

Or what about asking questions based on any classroom textbooks you have shared this school year? Any book, questions about the minor characters, places, animals from the story can make readers scratch their heads!

Try these resources to help develop a love of reading in your classroom:

  • Virtual School Library – we will be showcasing a special author for World Book Day from 1 March, including a free book. Look here
  • Young Readers Story Club – fairy tales that are read by writers and storytellers, including the activities they will try. Find out more
  • Supporting first-year children to tell stories. Enjoy this service here
  • Looking for clever ideas to promote fun reading? Check out our resources
  • Would you like to create excitement with a new class book? More details here
  • Learn more about A River of Stories – Tales and Poems from Across the Commonwealth here

We have available premium resources for those with a registered membership of the National Literacy Trust:

  • Recommendations for the whole school to encourage fun reading here
  • Improving an all-primary school learning environment – our resource can be found here
  • Creating a high school-wide learning environment – our resource is on this page

Celebrating World Book Day at home

Due to COVID-19, some events are not celebrated as we do in past years. But on World Book Day you can celebrate at home without any restriction. You can read books, online or offline. You don’t need any special things to celebrate this reading and knowledge encouraging.

This year’s theme for World Book Day is ‘share a story. You can encourage your readers to share the story with the people they live with. This could include getting grandparents or other family members to read stories through video chat, setting aside time for family reading while everyone at home reads his or her books or magazines, build a cozy reading gutter with cushions in the corner, or a sheet wrapped around tentmaking chairs, read the story or chapter and imitate both.

We hope you enjoy World Book Day 2021!

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