Greatest Valentine’s Day Jokes That Will Have Everybody Cracking Up

By | January 12, 2021

It is the most romantic season of the year! After you’ve purchased the perfect gift, planned a thoughtful date night, and created the perfect Valentine’s Day caption for Instagram, you need to tackle the hardest portion of observing February 14.

Whether you are penning a romantic letter to your love or dropping a brief Valentine’s Day message in your child’s lunchbox, the best way to win someone’s heart is by giving them the gift of laughter. From smart Valentine’s Day puns to corny one-liners to cute knock-knock jokes, these humorous ideas will receive all the giggles.

Whether you are on the search for cheesiness or cleverness, this listing is guaranteed to have the perfect joke for your loved ones in your life, whether young or old. That is right, adults and children alike are certain to be laughing their heads off when they open their Valentine’s Day card to view one of those perfectly crafted jokes.

Take a look at these funny love quotes and candy Valentine’s Day quotations.

Best Corny Valentine’s Day Jokes ever

Best Corny Valentines Day Jokes

  • “I am stuck !”
  • “Why did not the skeleton want to ship any Valentine’s Day cards?”
  • “His heart was not in it.”
  • “Why did the sheriff lock their valentine?”
  • “She stole their heart.”
  • “What do you call two birds in love?”
  • “Tweethearts!”
  • “How do you tell when a squirrel is in love?”
  • “It goes nuts!”
  • “I thought I won the debate with my wife about the way to organize the dining room furniture. But when I got home the tables were turned.”
  • “I fell in love with a person who only knew 4 vowels. They did not know I existed.”
  • “What did the calculator state to the pen?”
  • “You can rely on me.”
  • “How did the phone propose to his girlfriend?”
  • “He gave her a ring!”
  • “What did you oar tell another oar?”
  • “That is indeed row-mantic!”
  • “What did the light bulb say to another light bulb?”
  • “You light up my world.”
  • “How do you get arrested on Valentine’s Day?”
  • “For stealing somebody’s heart.”

Best Valentine’s Day Joke Puns Don’t (be a laugh)

Best Valentine's Day Joke Puns

  • “What did you watermelon say to another?” “You are one in a melon!”
  • “What do you call a very little Valentine?” “You seem so BOOtiful.”
  • “If he does not appreciate your own fruit jokes, you will need to let that mango.” “Plenty of hugs and kisses.”
  • “What do you call Valentine’s Day present that didn’t arrive on time?”
  • “What did you bee say to another?” “I really like bee-ing with you, honey!”
  • “What did one volcano say to another?” “you.”
  • “What did you blueberry say to another on Valentine’s Day?” “What did the whites state to the pickle?”
  • “What did your cat say to another cat on Valentine’s Day?” “You are purr-fect for me.”
  • “What did you sheep say to another on February 14?” “I love ewe.”
  • “How much candy do you expect to find this Valentine’s Day?” “A choco-LOT!”
  • “What did you fire say to another on Valentine’s Day?” “We are a perfect match.”
  • “How did the telephone suggest to his GF?” “He gave her a ring.”
  • “How did the whale ask another whale on Valentine’s date?” “Whale you be mine?”
  • “What do you call a ghost’s love?” “A ghoul-friend.”

Joyful Valentine’s Day Knock-Knock Jokes

Joyful Valentine's Day Knock-Knock Jokes

  • “Who is there?” “Who is there?” “Peas who?” “Peas be mine!”
  • “Knock, knock.” “Who is there?” “Butch, Jimmy and Joe.” “Butch, Jimmy, and Joe who?” “Butch your arms around me, Jimmy a kiss, and let us Joe.”
  • “Knock, knock.” “Who is there?” “Disguise.” “Disguise who?” “Disguise is the boy friend!”
  • “Knock, knock.” “Who is there?” “Howard.” “Howard who?” “Howard you like a big kiss?”
  • “Knock, knock.” “Who is there?” “Bea.” “Bea who?” “Bea my Valentine!”

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