Halloween 2020 Art Projects

By | October 15, 2020

An easy DIY candy dress for the whole family. From trick-or-treating to Halloween parties, whether you enjoy a kids pull up or a grown-up version of a spooky-sweet vacation, October 31st is not the end of a happy ending. Candy themed costumes! Did you like a better DIY project yet? This Halloween, you don’t have to wait until the doorbell rings to get your candies. With this simple DIY candy dress we put together, you can even wear sweets. So without further ado, check out these seven simple DIY candy outfits that work for any age.

Cotton candy

Most versions of cotton candy clothing require you to do nothing more than attach a lot of cotton material to the top or dress. If it is not so easy, then there is nothing. The tricky part is getting the color right. Since poly-film (for stuffing like cotton) is usually white, you should spray it with pink or blue to give it the appearance of a cotton candle. Check out this kid-friendly version of the dress to learn how to safely attach color and poly-film to pink or blue fabric. For the final touch, make a very long white cone-shaped hat or headband to act as a “rod” on the cotton candy stick.

Hershey Kiss:

There are many ways to describe this classic DIY candy outfit, but no matter what, you should wrap it in some shiny silver cloth or straight-up aluminum foil.

If you design a dress, shirt or cone shaped garment to learn about your clothes, it really depends on you, your skills and your budget.

One of the most important elements in this Hershey Kiss outfit is the foil hat. Some suggest placing a cardboard board covered with foil on the headband. You can also cover the birthday hat in the shape of a cone in foil or use a cloth instead of aluminum foil.

Next, of course, combine the white ribbon with the word “kiss” printed in blue for the tip of this hat. There you have clothes that work the same for individuals, groups, adults and children alike!

Jellybean bag

We love to get this innovative yet super easy DIY candy dress jellybean purse because it works well for both adults or children. You will be amazed at how easy it is to turn yourself into a character bag of “jellybeans”.

First, grab a clear plastic trash bag and cut off the leg and armhole. Inserting the bag tied around your neck, you wear the bag to wash your clothes like a gouty.

Then, label: insert the nutrient information to attach the bag to the bag, with the jellybean logo to attach on the front.

Finally, fill the bag with a multi-colored balloon and tie the bag with ribbon around your neck. Then make sure you stay away from any sharp objects all night … Hopefully, your best friend is not likely to dress like Edward Shishorhonds!

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