Halloween Cat Names

By | September 17, 2020

If you believe European folk tales, this Halloween, you want to look for black cats – there is no ominous sign of bad luck. But, then, Japanese custom says that a black cat is lucky to cross his path. So you can make a good kitty a pet and move on with it.

Here at Rover, we are always lucky to spend time with cats – even cats with creepy names. We hope you take your new family friend home this Halloween season, we have compiled a large list of the best and sweetest name hints ranging from classic horror film characters to trick-or-treat treats.

Halloween is a holiday designed to scare people, so let’s start with the creepy names that make it feel ominous.

To begin with, though, we must warn you that one of the few names is a little harsh on the sweet little cat, although you can certainly use them in a sarcastic sense.

If you think you might benefit from a black cat or cool Halloween name, you can find the name you are looking for in our list of male, female and unisex names. Some are scary and some are funny, but they all share a common Halloween theme.

Halloween cat names
Bain – This could be Wolfsbane (mythical name) or short for Batman observer.

Beast — A good choice if your cat has a slight (or large) fear.

Sticks-card names make good Halloween choices and it’s fun because it has the boy’s name at the end.

Blade – Marvel’s powerful sword or superhero / vampire.

Bones – one for the little cat or one with white or black.

Casper – You can pick it up for a nice chat with some white or gray.



Kujo-Stephen King’s fiery beast.

Dante – A model for a fictional character who went through the depths of Hell.

Diablo-Spanish means “ghost”.

Draco-A is a popular name for dragon characters and a good name for a creepy name.

Dracula-Why don’t you go after the king of vampires?

Fangs – You can try a completely horrible word.

Frankenstein – or you might like to use this insane name (often mistaken for a man’s monster name).

Freddie Krueger-Classic film villain choice horror, especially for the striped cat.

Gargoil – This may be the appropriate name for a dark or stationary animal.

Named after Gomez-Nam, the wicked patriarch of the Adam tribe.

Gozar-like alien beast in Ghostbusters.

Hannibal – You may remember this as the name of the horrible cannibal in most movies.

Hitchcock – These names give your cat intelligence, sophistication and a bit of balance like a famous film director.

For howler-cats who want to make a little noise.

We like these kind of bad stuff names that have jack-o-lantern-common names.

Jason Vorheis – You can choose the icon of the horror movie with a hockey mask.

Merlin – This wizard magician has been used as a pet name for centuries.

Mr. Hyde — this Dr. Jekyll has an ego, the drug chemist-chemist

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