Halloween in Australia

By | October 19, 2020

Often referred to as the “American tradition”, Halloween originally originated in Britain and Ireland. It is believed to have begun with the Celtic festival of the sea, where the dead are believed to return home. To ward off evil spirits, Celtic burns bonfires in Hillsap and wears them in disguise without recognizing the spirits.

Later, in the 7th century, Pope Boniface IV instituted All Saints’ Day, which commemorates the saints of the Church who went to heaven. The evening before All Saints’ Day is called All Hallows Eve and finally Halloween.

As people began to emigrate, traditions began to spread from every holiday. While many Halloween rituals are very popular among Americans, Halloween is now considered a major American holiday.

Today, Halloween is celebrated under different names in many countries of the world, commonly celebrated in traditions such as costumes.

Do Australians Celebrate Halloween?
While Halloween is not widely celebrated in Australia, many people love to attend. However, there is a division as to whether or not to look around Australia.

Some believe it should not be celebrated because it is not an “Australian tradition”, while others are reluctant to participate due to religious beliefs. However, many other Australians see it as an excuse to have fun, dress up and throw a party.

Split means Halloween in Australia looks like a little gimmick, used as a theme night in clubs, bars and restaurants. Other Halloween traditions such as trick-or-treating and bobbing are not uncommon in Australia, although eating lollipops and watching horror movies are still popular rituals.

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