Halloween Stories For Kids

By | October 10, 2020

This season for overnight hump stories! Try so many horror stories for your kids to learn about this Halloween. There’s a little bit of horror about Halloween, right? Okay, okay, maybe this is about getting plenty of candy at first and being ready to spread it seriously. And what is the best time to enjoy candy and whimsical food from camp during the Halloween season? When we are filled with horror stories that tell sleepless nights, when you have kids, you wonder so much about going to bed late every night. Very excited. We did some research, however, and you will find many entertaining stories that will scare your kids a little, but they should not insult them in real terror.

So grab your candy, campfire and get ready to scare.

Dame bones

If your kids are fans of pirates, they will love this provocative Dame Bones story. It tells the story of the famous Captain Kid and his pirates who carried out the robbery off the coast of New Jersey and the people who witnessed this burial. This story is scary to see your little ones behind their shoulders, but not enough to send them into the frenzy of shouting.

Very good

According to the Cinderella story, the guy’s head starts with a daughter, Oksana, whose father marries an evil stepmother, as well as a terrible daughter. Times just converge, and not enough money to feed a family of four. The stepmother advised him to send Oksana to the forest so that she could be with him, and reunite with her father. Oksana can live her personal life, and one night wakes up knocking on her compartment door. He opens the door to a soul – a cow’s head, to be live. Oksana reveals the condition of the cow and you should read the story to know the remains. A fun lesson can be learned here, in which a little strange yoga is added.


Want to achieve an exaggerated horror story with a more light heart? Haunted Ghog is one. It is the story of a demon who loves to cook and dance at night. When a family goes home, they try with these noisy demons and find a cheerful way to get rid of the hunt forever.

Yellow ribbon

This story is a little more on the offensive side of not making your kids cry, but maybe give them (well, maybe only us) a goosebumps. The yellow ribbon follows the story of a young couple named Jane and Johnny who fall in love. But for some reason, Jane keeps the yellow ribbon around her neck forever and answers whenever Johnny asks. Eventually, their love grows and they get married and have children. Jane falls ill, and at the time of her death, tells Johnny that she can finally untie the ribbon. When he does this he will surprise you and your children’s day.


Let your children be the judges to provoke this scarecrow, be it too horrible or run away from him personally. It is very exciting to tell in the first person and feels embarrassing to their children after the story is over. But don’t bother, it’s not a story they suffer from sleep deprivation.

Hero Toe

Strange as it may seem, this story is an entertaining story that will not scare your little ones too much. It is about an elderly woman who decides to find and eat a hairy toe in the woods near her home. Our question, hearing the story hardened – why did he eat the toe first? We do not have the answer to this, but we know that your children will enjoy the phantom potential of this campfire story.

Lady with emerald ring

This interesting story of love brings a woman back to a state of death, thanks to the love of her husband. A moment can be quick and scary, but with a heartfelt conclusion, your kids will have fun listening to The Lady with the Emerald Ring.

Ghost Ship of Captain Syndowet

Something else for the pirate lovers in your group, Captain Sandovet’s Ghost Ship tells the story of a group of sailors who get up and kill their captain – they give him the water they need to live. Fall. Under the guise of a new captain, the ship is captured by a catastrophic storm in the sinking area, and ghost ships sailing across the Atlantic, its sailors begging for water. There are some great morals in this story and it won’t scare your kiddos too much.

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