Happy Hour Day 12 Nov

By | November 1, 2020

November 12 is Happy Hour Day. So, use the delightful hours at your favorite bar, cafe or restaurant సాధారణ during this simple fun holiday.

Happy Hour Day


The two girls are drinking cocktails and taking selfies outside.

Happy Hour is a term used to describe the time during a day when drinks and food are sold at a discount. Although traditionally served by the bar, the restaurants still have delightful hours and cater to low prices. Usually, the happy hour consists of two drinks or two appetizers for one price.


Many countries have banned happy hours in bars for fear of promoting excessive drinking and alcoholism.


How to Celebrate?

Happy Hour Day! Here are some ways to celebrate this fun holiday:


Leave happy hours with your friends and colleagues and get two of your favorite drinks for the price of one. Always remember to drink responsibly.

Do not drink This does not mean that you can not enjoy a happy hour. Most restaurants and coffee shops have hungry and delightful hourly prices at Horse-de-Howera. Enjoy these by drinking non-alcoholic beverages.


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