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Just like every other enterprise, seamen are at danger for struggling work-associated accidents any time they’re at the clock. The courts understand this and are usually running to defend injured seamen via preferred maritime regulation. Maritime regulation offers employees who’ve been injured offshore or withinside the maritime enterprise the hazard to say important reimbursement for any struggling of scientific complications.

The following acts are foundational to maritime regulation:

  • Jones Act
  • Death at the High Seas Act
  • Limitation of Liability Act
  • Longshoreman & Harbor Workers Compensation Act

General maritime regulation is the idea for all accidents sustained with the aid of using seamen. It is crucial to have complete expertise of the overall regulation earlier than delving into the following acts.

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How To Choose The Right Attorney

Maritime regulation may be complex. Although those legal guidelines are designed to defend the rights of maritime employees who come to be injured or ill, they may be tough to navigate. This is why it is vital to are looking for criminal illustration from a legal professional who has a deep heritage on this specialised location of the regulation. It is critical to pick a skilled maritime lawyer. When selecting a legal professional, you ought to inquire approximately the quantity of instances they’ve tried. Don’t permit a legal professional to bounce round your questions; you want to pick a person who is ready to provide honest, direct solutions to all your inquiries.

“They don’t give you the runaround. You’re looking for a firm that’s going to have your back and willing to go to trial and stick up for you. Go with Arnold & Itkin if you want results. They take their job very seriously.”

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Case Results And Check Out Our Victories

$8 Billion Top 3 Largest Jury Verdict In U.S. History

Arnold & Itkin LLP attempted a Risperdal case in opposition to Johnson & Johnson for failing to warn approximately one of the drug’s maximum unfavorable facet effects: gynecomastia. Our skill, difficult work, and willpower resulted withinside the third-biggest jury verdict ever obtained …


$357 Million Largest Workplace Accident Settlement In Texas History

Arnold & Itkin LLP secured a huge nine-discern agreement in opposition to a transnational enterprise for a place of work incident. The agreement set a Texas report for being the most important private harm agreement withinside the state’s history.

History of Admiralty And Maritime Law

Maritime regulation—additionally called admiralty regulation—is sort of as vintage because the transport enterprise itself and governs maximum injuries that arise on navigable waters. The regulation’s roots may be traced again to the unwritten customs of nautical conduct of the Egyptians and Greeks. However, the earliest formal codes have been hooked up round 900 BC at the Greek island of Rhodes. The authentic maritime legal guidelines and codes stemmed from the historical customs and policies of transport. For example, the Doctrine of General Average—the idea that each one sea shipment stakeholders (owner, shipper, etc.) frivolously percentage any harm or losses which can arise because of a voluntary sacrifice of a part of the vessel or shipment to shop the whole—may be traced again to the early transport customs of the Rhodians.

The idea of a separate criminal authority regulating maritime problems turned introduced to the west through Eleanor of Aquitaine, who found out of the idea while she observed her first husband King Louis VII of France to the Mediterranean at the Second Crusade. The time period admiralty regulation got here from the British admiralty courts, who presided over maritime subjects one by one from England’s not unusual to place regulation courts. As the U.S. judicial machine is primarily based totally at the British machine, amended admiralty legal guidelines have been steadily integrated into our criminal machine quickly after the charter turned into ratified.

Though nevertheless primarily based totally on enterprise requirements and customs, maritime regulation is essentially located withinside the U.S. Constitution, treatises and worldwide conventions, federal statutes, the overall maritime regulation, and different judicial decisions, administrative regulations, and customs.

When Does Maritime Law Apply?

Perhaps maximum obviously, maritime regulation applies to occasions that arise on excessive seas—in different words, injuries that show up past the territorial waters of any country. Furthermore, maritime regulation applies to the territorial sea, that are waters inside 12 miles of the shore. However, the regulation’s applicability will become much less clean in addition to inland. Early withinside the United States’ history, maritime regulation did now no longer observe incidents that took place inside the “frame of the country” and consequently excluded incidents regarding the Great Lakes and nontidal inland waterways. However, all through the nineteenth century, this exclusion eroded away.

Maritime regulation is now implemented to “navigable waters.” A waterway is deemed navigable if through itself, or through uniting with different waters, it may function an “endured motorway over which trade is or can be carried on with different States or overseas countries.” Consequently, if a frame of water is absolutely landlocked inside an unmarried kingdom, then it isn’t always navigable for functions of admiralty jurisdiction. However, a frame of water doesn’t want to go with the drift among states to be deemed navigable. A frame of water can be deemed navigable if it’s miles a hyperlink in a sequence of our bodies of water that may be used to carrier interstate trade. Ultimately, the take a look at is that the trade of 1 kingdom should be able to being carried into every other kingdom or an overseas country. Once this takes a look at has been passed, it’s miles in all likelihood that maritime regulation could be applicable, even though it’s miles a leisure vessel.

Incidents That Require Maritime Accident Attorneys

Maritime harm lawyers exist to assist injured seamen or dock employees get the repayment they want to get over critical accidents and find the money for long-time period scientific charges that took place offshore. That consists of any injuries that arise on “navigable waters” (rivers and ocean) and in harbors or docks.

Our maritime attorneys have represented customers who have been injured in:

  1. Jack-up rig accidents
  2. Barge accidents
  3. Deck accidents
  4. Commercial fishing accidents
  5. Tugboat accidents
  6. Cargo ship accidents
  7. Dredge accidents
  8. Oil platform accidents
  9. Shipyard accidents
  10. Cruise ship accidents

One wonderful component of maritime injuries is that they may be frequently devastating. Offshore oil rig explosions motive vast damages, vessel collisions are regularly catastrophic, and oil systems can unfairly alternate the lives of employees. Maritime legal professionals combat to assist employees get better the repayment they deserve, whether or not they may be struggling after a primary explosion or have accidents as a result of dangerous operating conditions.

Our maritime lawyers represented greater team individuals of the Deepwater Horizon and the El Faro than every other regulation firm. We now no longer best apprehend maritime regulation however the practices and way of life of maritime employers. Speak with us to speak about your case so we are able to pass over your prison and monetary options.

The Basics Of Maritime Law

Maritime regulation is derived from many reassets: federal statutes and well-known maritime regulation being of the maximum prominent. These reassets offer a number of maritime doctrines which can be generally utilized in instances concerning vessels and their passengers and team.

Maritime regulation units forth among the fundamental prison tenets related to the ocean and seamen, including:

Seaman’s Right to Maintenance and Cure: Maintenance and treatment are blessings that an injured seaman gets from an enterprise for the duration of the path of recovery. Maintenance consists of such fees because the seaman’s lease or mortgage, utilities, belongings taxes, homeowner’s insurance, and food. Cure is just like employees’ repayment blessings for land-primarily based totally personnel; it covers fees associated with scientific remedy for the paintings-associated damage. A seaman is a person who’s a captain or team member aboard a vessel in navigation. Also just like worker’s repayment, Maintenance and treatment does now no longer require that the seaman show any fault for his or her damage—the enterprise is needed to pay.

The Jones Act: The Jones Act is a federal regulation that offers seamen a statutory proper to sue their enterprise for non-public damage damages. However, a seaman needs to spend a minimum 30% of their time operating on a vessel to qualify for the Jones Act. Not best does the Jones Act offer the seaman a statutory proper to sue their enterprise, it additionally eases the weight of evidence had to show causation among the enterprise’s negligence and the seaman’s damage; below the Jones Act, the enterprise’s negligence best wishes to play an element withinside the seaman’s damage in place of being a proximate motive. The Jones Act additionally carries elements of the Federal Employment Liability Act. In particular, claims filed in the nation courtroom docket below the Jones Act aren’t detachable to the federal courtroom docket.

The Death on High Seas Act: When the loss of life of a character is as a result of a wrongful act or forget about going on at the excessive seas, the Death on High Seas Act ensures that a non-public consultant of the decedent can deliver a declare.

The Saving to Suitors Clause: Federal regulation establishes different jurisdictions for admiralty and maritime instances withinside the federal district courts absent any language indicating the opposite inside a statutorily created proper, along with the Jones Act. However, the “saving to suitors” clause reserves any non-admiralty treatments that can be to be had to a character. An instance of an admiralty treatment is a in shape wherein the declare is added in opposition to the deliver.

Longshore and Harbor Worker’s Compensation Act: Federal regulation created positive statutory rights for personnel who aren’t necessarily “seamen” however although paintings on harbors or vessels which can be below restored or being built. This regulation covers longshore employees, deliver-repairers, shipbuilders or deliver-breakers, and harbor creation employees. Moreover, the accidents need to arise on navigable waters or an adjacent area, along with a dock. This regulation offers for the price of repayment and scientific take care of a character injured whilst at the activity or survivor blessings. The Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act extends the Longshore and Harbor Worker’s Compensation Act to personnel engaged in offshore drilling at the Outer Continental Shelf.

Jurisdiction In Maritime Law Cases

In the U.S., jurisdiction over admiralty regulation subjects turned into initially given to the federal courts. However, these days maximum admiralty instances may be heard with the aid of using each nation and federal courts below the saving to suitors clause in Title 28 of the US Code (28 U.S.C. § 1333). The exception to that any relies concerning maritime belongings; the ones instances can also additionally best be attempted in federal courtroom docket. If a nation courtroom docket presides over an admiralty case, the courtroom docket is needed to use admiralty or maritime regulation in place of its nation regulation.

How Does Maritime Law Provide For Hurt Workers?

Without maritime regulation, injured seamen might be left on their very own to counteract the struggling they sustained whilst operating. Anytime a delivery worker will become injured or sick, the vessel proprietor is needed to reimburse their losses. Maritime regulation refers to this repayment as renovation and treatment, which means that till the seaman completely recovers, the enterprise needs to offer for his or her affliction. The courtroom docket perspectives this duty as an unquestionable obligation that the shipowner owes any seaman aboard their vessel. Seamen also are eligible to get better complete wages for the period of the voyage for the duration of which they sustained accidents or illness. An employment agreement can also additionally dictate the quantity of unearned wages a seaman can receive.

Provisions For Maintenance And Cure

Maintenance and treatment check with the blessings a seaman is entitled to till he/she recovers and is in shape for obligation. However, there’s a most scientific improvement (MMI) restriction that may manage the quantity of repayment received.

Because many deliver proprietors are detest to pay the very best quantity possible, they both observe antique rates (from $15 to $35 a day) or modify treatment blessings with the aid of using hand-selecting included scientific treatments. The U.S. Supreme Court states the obligation to offer renovation and treatment need to be wide and inclusive. In the case of repayment, the seaman is nearly constantly preferred whilst skepticism is involved.

Catastrophic Maritime Injuries

In a few instances, an offshore twist of fate can motive accidents which can be so severe that they alternate someone’s lifestyles permanently. These sorts of accidents are so infamous that the scientific and prison network has a phrase for them: catastrophic accidents. When someone has this sort of offshore damage, their accidents will probable affect the relaxation in their lifestyles. In a few instances, positive accidents suggest that someone may not be capable of earning a dwelling with bodily paintings as they as soon as didn’t. In different instances, it way that each component of someone’s lifestyles is impacted with the aid of using the severity in their accidents.

Serious maritime accidents that alternate lives include:

  1. Traumatic brain injuries (TBI)
  2. Spinal cord injuries
  3. Paralysis
  4. Amputation
  5. Burn injuries
  6. Crush injuries

Often, those offshore accidents require a lifetime of clinical care. When people are stricken by a coincidence they failed to cause, they deserve repayment for the care to be able to make their lifestyles as cushty as possible.

Recovering Full Costs For Maritime & Offshore Accidents

Following an extreme coincidence, injured seamen might also additionally face a number of prices. These do now no longer best have a right away effect, however, can have an effect on them for years. In nearly all cases, the instant outcomes are apparent withinside the incapability to work, steep bills, and the ache and struggling related to the damage or illness. Even the destiny prices of rehabilitation are regularly well-known. However, it isn’t always constantly clean to look at what the destiny prices of damage will be. In a few cases, the person might also additionally require lifelong clinical interest or might also additionally sooner or later byskip far from the facet outcomes. For this reason, it’s far important that the injured and their own circle of relatives get better simply damages for the damage beneath neath maritime law.

Consider those prices that might end result from maritime damage or loss of life of a seaman:

  • Hospitalization
  • Long-term rehabilitation
  • In-home care
  • Lost wages and earning capacity
  • Emotional and financial counseling
  • Vocational rehabilitation

Maritime Injuries, Do You Know Your Rights?

After a coincidence, one of the maximum crucial matters you may do is to make sure all your wishes are met: medically, legally, emotionally, and financially. However, this may be difficult.

Therefore, it’s miles crucial to maintain in thoughts some troubles that would be compromised.

  • First, take into account you’ve got got the criminal proper to pick out your physician. Never sense obligated to pick the physician’s workplace or attending health practitioner your commercial enterprise or coverage enterprise can be pushing on you. Often, you’ll want to look at the endorsed physician for an evaluation, however, that is the quantity of your obligation. Who you pick for remedy is as much as you and have to now no longer be threatened through any corporation or adjuster you’ll be running with reference for your case.
  • Second, you’re entitled to a scientific remedy. The provision of scientific blessings is covered below the Jones Act, so injured maritime people want now no longer fear approximately being compensated for recovery. This is actually irrespective of who can be at fault for the coincidence. Furthermore, the Jones Act protects injured seamen who can be given differing reviews through doctors.

This way that if one physician recommends remedy at the same time as every other claims it isn’t necessary, the confrontation may be resolved in desire of remedy. Unfortunately, many injured seamen have now no longer been harm for the primary time. However, if a pre-present situation is aggravated, then employers may be obligated to make sure that good enough insurance is provided. All with the intention to be wanted is an evidentiary declaration made through your physician in your behalf.

You are entitled to scientific blessings and monetary upkeep bills, whether or not or now no longer you signal office work introduced forth through an coverage adjuster. In truth, it’s miles to your pleasant pastimes to be careful of any files introduced to you through an coverage adjuster; those frequently do not have your protection and wellbeing as a priority. As such, you have to be hesitant to signal any office work below the situation that scientific blessings and/or upkeep bills rely upon a signature.

  • Third, you aren’t required to offer a recorded declaration after any type of coincidence and/or injury. Of course, reporting the incident as quick as viable is a important step of the manner; however, interest ought to be paid to the truth that many injuries can have an effect on the reminiscence and intellectual functioning of an injured person. Therefore, it’s miles unwise to document a declaration of occasions which can later want to be adjusted—a manner which can show to be pretty difficult.

From the preliminary submitting of a declare to the instruction and complaints of a courtroom docket case, there are some of times wherein your rights may be compromised. Unsympathetic employers and coverage corporations care little, if at all, approximately the wellbeing of injured employees. Therefore, is it vital to are trying to find criminal illustration from an lawyer who does care approximately the destiny of your fitness and wellbeing?

Maritime Law As It Applies To Employers

Under general maritime law, ship owners are required to keep their vessels maintained per a certain standard.

As the business enterprise and proprietor, the vessel holder should maintain the protection and shape of the delivery in a manner suitable for all personnel on board. Manning, equipping, and presenting the vessel are all key factors of a deliver proprietor’s obligation in step with maritime regulation. Subsequently, if a worker of the vessel will become injured or sick because of a delivery’s unseaworthiness, the proprietor may be held chargeable for any loss.

Why Do I Need To Hire A Houston Maritime Injury Lawyer?

If you aren’t geared up to bear in mind litigation, you need to nonetheless seek advice from a skilled Texas maritime legal professional to talk about your declare. In many instances, your corporation can also additionally ask you to signal a settlement or launch in change for the price of unearned wages, preservation, or scientific benefits. It is vital which you have any files you’re given reviewed with the aid of using a capable Houston maritime harm legal professional earlier than signing so that you do now no longer waive any of your rights to restoration.

Perhaps the maximum essential purpose you want a legal professional is that employers and coverage groups have groups of attorneys representing them. Their purpose is to eliminate your declare as affordably as possible. The simplest manner to degree the gambling discipline together along with your business enterprise or the coverage corporation is to have a skilled legal professional representing your interests. As an injured worker, you’re new to the process, while your business enterprise, his insurer, and their legal professionals address those instances on an everyday basis. It is important to the final results of your declare which you have a group that frequently handles maritime regulation claims.

Hire A Top-Rated Texas Maritime Attorney For Your Case

A skilled maritime legal professional can assessment your case’s records and decide your high-quality prison options.

They will do that with the aid of using inspecting the following:

  • Your employee repute on the time of harm
  • The seaworthiness of the vessel you have been running on
  • The time frame for bringing a declare
  • All different elements that could have contributed to your harm

Another purpose you can gain from hiring a legal professional is they recognize a way to address offshore groups. On your own, you can sense like you don’t have any hope. After all, you are simply one person, and your corporation is possibly a longtime employer that is aware of a way to cope with harmful instances.

There isn’t any purpose why you cannot have a competitive illustration as nicely. You can also additionally sense as though any legal professional will do, however in case you are an offshore employee, you and your corporation are sure to a particular set of legal guidelines referred to as maritime regulation or admiralty regulation. You want a legal professional who’s nicely-versed on this unique and specialized vicinity of the regulation in case you need to get the whole quantity of repayment to which you are entitled to. Turn to us while you want the high-quality.

Maritime Law FAQ

What’s A Maritime Attorney?

A maritime legal professional is a prison expert who specializes in supporting the ones who’ve skilled in accidents, injuries, and wrongful deaths as a result of leisure and industrial maritime injuries. These incidents are ruled with the aid of using maritime regulation, which lays out unique roads to restoration for humans who’ve been injured or misplaced cherished ones at the water.

A capable Houston maritime legal professional can have intensive expertise of the way maritime regulation impacts incidents in countrywide and global waters, plus the dedication to peer every case via to successful result. Often, maritime harm instances require good-sized investigations, an intensive expertise of legal guidelines which are loads of years vintage, and the willingness to strive instances in court. Maritime groups are a number of the maximum effective withinside the world, so having a skilled maritime legal professional is important to counter their tactics.

Do I Need To Hire A Maritime Injury Lawyer?

Yes, you possibly want a maritime harm legal professional due to the fact legal guidelines governing offshore accidents may be complex. Deciding whether or not to rent a maritime harm legal professional would possibly appear to be a tough decision. What you need to recognize is this: in case you have been injured or misplaced a member of the family at sea, there may be nobody who can protect your rights and assist you to rebuild your existence like a professional maritime harm legal professional can. Your business enterprise won’t have your back. Your cherished ones won’t recognize a way to assist. It takes an effective legal professional who is aware of the bits and bobs of maritime harm instances to defend you.

Importantly, hiring a maritime legal professional additionally way having assist from a person who’ll are searching for the repayment you deserve as opposed to the repayment you are offered. A maritime legal professional will inspect your case assist ensure the alternative aspect is being fair. If they are not they will be organized to combat to your restoration in court.

What Is A Maritime Injury?

Maritime harm can also additionally encompass any kind of bodily or mental trauma skilled at sea. Offshore employees, cruise deliver passengers, team individuals of fishing vessels, and all others who’re injured or misplaced even as in U.S. or global waters can be taken into consideration to have suffered maritime harm. These accidents are regularly extreme and existence-changing, warranting the involvement of an legal professional who is aware of a way to maintain at-fault events responsible below maritime harm regulation.

Importantly, maritime accidents are not protected with the aid of using usual onshore legal guidelines. For example, injured maritime employees cannot record employees’ repayment as onshore employees can. Instead, they will want to apply legal guidelines consisting of the LHWCA and Jones Act to are searching for repayment. In different instances, employees can use vintage maritime legal guidelines consisting of preservation and therapy to steady wanted repayment after an accident.

What Is Maritime Law?

Maritime regulation, additionally called admiralty regulation, governs navigation and shipping. Maritime regulation is one of the oldest units of guidelines used to defend offshore employees earlier than the Jones Act, Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act, and the Death at the High Seas act. It presents primary provisions that ensure employees are furnished with preservation and therapy after harm.

Maritime regulation is complex in element because of how vintage it is. In fact, the Maritime Law Association of the US changed into based in 1899. Since maritime regulation in particular, the ones in want of prison assist need to continually search for legal professionals who’ve revel in it.

Is Maritime Law The Same Everywhere?

No, maritime regulation isn’t always equal everywhere. Although the admiralty legal guidelines of many countries have no unusual place roots, the one’s countries have because changed them with particular stipulations. For example, the Jones Act is a regulation that simplest applies to vessels flying the American flag.

What Is The Jones Act?

The Jones Act is a regulation that allows injured maritime employees to steady the repayment they want for the whole quantity in their accidents. Before the Jones Act changed into exceeded in 1920, maritime employees injured with the aid of using preventable injuries were not capable of accumulating the whole quantity of repayment that they wanted for his or her accidents. With the Jones Act, employees can get better losses consisting of scientific bills, misplaced wages, the value of destiny care, and more.

What Are Maintenance And Cure?

Maintenance and therapy describe the value of living (preservation) and the scientific expenses (therapy) that an offshore employee wishes for after an accident. For decades, maritime regulation has required vessel proprietors to make certain that injured employees acquire preservation and therapy after maintaining harm.

What Are Common Causes Of Maritime Injuries?

Common reasons for maritime accidents are injuries that need to have been averted and were not. Importantly, it is the obligation of vessel proprietors and employers to save you those injuries and defend your employees.

Maritime accidents are regularly as a result of:

  • Dangerous deck conditions
  • Toxic exposure
  • Explosions and fires
  • Unseaworthy vessels
  • Sailing in dangerous conditions
  • Lack of safety training
  • Enclosed spaces
  • Falling objects
  • Mechanical failures
  • Slip and falls

What Should I Do After A Maritime Accident?

There are 5 belongings you have to do after a maritime twist of fate:

  1. Get the scientific interest you want.
  2. Inform your corporation approximately your harm.
  3. Compile all statistics approximately your twist of fate, who noticed it, and the instances surrounding it.
  4. Don’t signal any documents, solve any questions, or provide any statements.
  5. Call a maritime attorney.

You have to constantly talk with an attorney after a maritime twist of fate to ensure your rights are being protected. An attorney will concentrate on your story, ask you questions, and assist you to make a decision about what your alternatives are at no cost. A session with our maritime attorneys is loose and we have got helped humans in Texas, Louisiana, and throughout the state get better in any case sorts of offshore accidents.

What Type Of Compensation Do I Qualify For After My Offshore Injuries?

This relies upon on what kind of activity you have been appearing for the duration of your harm and what legal guidelines govern it. Some people could be entitled to repayment below the Jones Act at the same time as others would possibly qualify for restoration with the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act. Defining what people qualify for help from those legal guidelines isn’t constantly simple. Speaking with our offshore harm attorneys for the duration of a loose session is an exceptional manner to find out your alternatives.

What If I Can’t Afford A Maritime Attorney?

The proper maritime regulation organization will assist you come up with the money for their services. Injured maritime people are frequently dealing with tough economic instances and want to have unique economic preparations made with their maritime attorneys. For example, Arnold & Itkin LLP works on a contingency price basis—which means we cowl all expenses of a case and do not gather charge except we win it. Besides taking over the economic burden of a case’s prices and investigative expenses, our organization has helped our customers get the hospital therapy they want as their trial progresses.

What Are The Differences Between Maritime Law And Ordinary Law?

In many ways, there’s little distinction among how maritime regulation is dealt with and the way regular regulation is dealt with. However, a few significant variations exist, however, the ones variations exist greater so withinside the courtroom docket in place of the substantial regulation itself. For example, there’s no proper to a jury trial whilst an admiralty movement is introduced in an admiralty courtroom docket. Important to don’t forget though, the best instances that have to be introduced in federal admiralty courtroom docket are the ones implementing a maritime lien, foreclosures on a desired deliver mortgage, the quandary of the vessel owner’s liability, and any intending in which the deliver itself is being sued.

Is Maritime Law The Same As The Law Of The Sea?

Maritime regulation isn’t similar to the regulation of the ocean. Maritime regulation is United States regulation that governs incidents on navigable waters. The regulation of the ocean is based totally on global treaties and agreements that govern how countries engage with each other on subjects that contain excessive seas. For example, the regulation of the ocean governs countries’ jurisdiction over coastal waters, possession of herbal resources, and navigational rights.

What Does A Maritime Lawyer Do?

Maritime attorneys deal with instances regarding marine vessels, sea crafts, offshore oil rigs, and harbor people. Because of the nuanced regulation regarding accidents or settlement disputes touching on transport or sports on navigable waters, skilled maritime legal professionals are essential to bringing a successful claim. A maritime attorney has to apprehend federal regulation, country regulation, the complexities of marine insurance, and lots of different transport and offshore drilling enterprise specifics. This is an incredibly complex subject of regulation, making it important to contain a skilled maritime attorney.

When Has Maritime Law Been Applied?

The maximum notorious utility of maritime regulation can be the Deepwater Horizon disaster, in which eleven team individuals have been killed and lots of greater injured. A federal district courtroom docket held, amongst different things, that admiralty jurisdiction become gift due to the fact the alleged torts passed off upon the navigable waters of the Gulf of Mexico, and the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act jurisdiction become gift due to the fact the casualties passed off with inside the context of exploration or manufacturing of minerals withinside the Outer Continental Shelf. When Arnold & Itkin dealt with among the team’s claims, it become essential they have been nicely-versed in maritime regulation.

Our Texas Maritime Lawyers Can Help Call (888) 493-1629!

At Arnold & Itkin, we’ve visible all too frequently how maritime accidents arise now no longer best withinside the Gulf of Mexico however additionally in our inland waterways and across the globe. For this reason, we stay totally dedicated to supporting injured people and their households get better simply repayment. We agree with what we do is set greater than simply money. We paintings tirelessly to peer that our customers get better now no longer best financially, however physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Our group is devoted to supporting humans and households who’ve suffered from life-converting accidents get better the repayment they want for past, current, and destiny expenses. Armed with years of experience, we’ve a completely unique attitude in our approach, and we are able to paintings in the direction of supporting our customers get hold of the repayment that they want to pay for the long-time period expenses.

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