How To Insulate A Plastic Dog House

By | March 30, 2020

Good friends of mine just adopted a dog, Leo, and he likes to be outside.
Leo is believed to be half husky and half lab, so he will likely enjoy the winters the maximum amount because the summers.

Though Leo enjoys spending time together with his family, he much prefers to be outdoors, especially when they’re at work.

My friends recently purchased a replacement wooden dog house for him, but they need to work out how to insulate it for both the summer and winter.

Since my husband is skilled at doing home repairs and woodworking, they reached bent see if he would be liberal to help modify the dog house.

This is where I are available . Since my husband hasn’t worked on dog houses before, he asked if i might help with researching the simplest methods to insulate the dog house.

Of course, I said, “Yes!”

Not only does it help a lover , but I always enjoy learning new things. I’ve never had an outdoor dog, so haven’t ever needed a dog house, so this was all new stuff for me!

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