International Women’s Day Russia

By | February 15, 2021

international women's day russia

International Women’s Day in Russia was first marked on March 8, 1913, when women demanded the right to vote by public display. It became a popular public holiday in Russia in 1918, and is the current analogy of “Men’s Day” celebrated on February 23. In fact, in Russia, this holiday is not called “Women’s Day.” It is such a public holiday that it is simply called “March 8th.” On this day, Russian men and women bring gifts and flowers to all the women who are important in their lives and tell them “C vos’mym Marta!” (Happy March 8!).

March 8, or Women’s Day, is almost synonymous with Mother’s Day worldwide, except that it celebrates all women – mothers, sisters, teachers, grandmothers, and so on. Mother’s Day is not celebrated in Russia, so March 8 serves as a celebration for mothers and women in general. Women’s achievements in the personal, social and political spheres are acknowledged and celebrated.

Cultural significance

Women’s Day in Russia is very important, if not more important than Mother’s Day elsewhere – it is a well-known public holiday, so many employees get a day off. Russia is still a very patriarchal country, so Women’s Day is always an important public holiday (without human tendency for women). It is an empowering event, although the energy and style it is celebrated at times may seem to protect women from equal societies.

Aside from the women’s issues this holiday season, March 8th focuses heavily on Russian history and culture. Even Russian women living abroad (in equal societies mentioned above, societies with more women) have a soft spot for the holiday, and love where it is celebrated by their friends and partners – though often they may not go on ahead (Russian Women partners, beware!).

Russia is the role of patriarchs and indigenous peoples are still preserved).

Offices and Schools

With so many people having a day off on March 8, many companies are planning a Women’s Day celebration on or before the holiday. Women receive flower bouquets and sometimes chocolates or personalized gifts. Cake and champagne are often served that way.

At school, children bring flowers to their (female) teachers. Small distances make women’s art projects and crafts – such as origami flowers, bracelets, and greeting cards – bring home to their mothers and grandmothers.

Russian Women’s Day words and sentences

Here are some key words and phrases you need to know before celebrating March 8 in Russia:

March 8: 8 (восьмое) March – Vos’MOye MArta
Happy March 8: С 8 March (с восьмым) March – s vos’MIM MARta
We wish you March 8 (official greeting): Поздравляю с 8 March – PazdravLYAyoo s vos’MIM MARta

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