Journeyman Plumber

By | April 24, 2021

What Do Journeyman Plumbers Do?

As a journeyman plumber, you are an expert at working with all kinds of plumbing in residential and commercial settings. The responsibilities and duties of a journeyman plumber include installing new plumbing systems, drainage systems, and gas lines and sustaining and repairing existing ones. Plumbers who have worked as journeymen are experts with pipes, fittings, and all kinds of plumbing fixtures.

Journeyman Plumbers

Apprentice plumbers may be trained and supervised by you, and you may help them become journeyman plumbers. Eventually, you can achieve master plumber status by gaining the required experience.

Journeyman Plumbers service

An overview of becoming a Journeyman Plumber

To grow a journeyman plumber, you need at least a high school diploma.

But many apprenticeship jobs allow plumbing students to receive

Training while they work. This career does not require a college degree.

In an apprenticeship, you learn the basics of plumbing in a hands-on setting so you can fulfill the requirements for this career. The journeyman level requires you to finish your apprenticeship training, usually between 2-5 years, and acquire any licensing credentials required by your state.

Journeyman Plumber


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