Mother’s Day Fun Facts

By | March 24, 2021

In honor of Mother’s Day, we’ve compiled a few captivating data and trivia, all approximately this unique day.

If you’re a mum we are hoping that you’re definitely spoilt via way of means of your family and get to spend the day being pampered together along with your ft up!

Discover 10 amusing Mother’s Day fun facts…

1: Mother’s Day is the largest flower shopping for the day of the year in Britain

Mother day fun facts Bunch of flowers

Looking for a gift for Mum? Flowers are commonly one of the first matters that spring to mind. It’s little surprise then, that flower income are up round 70% on Mother’s Day, in comparison with maximum different days of the year.

2: Mother’s Day dates again to Ancient Greece

Mother day fun facts dates back to ancient

Who knew?  The roots of Mother’s Day move as a ways again as Ancient Greece whilst Greeks used to maintain an annual spring pageant devoted to the maternal Goddess Rhea, mom of the Gods.

3: In the United Kingdom and Ireland, Mothering Sunday is well known at the fourth Sunday of Lent

Mother day fun facts in UK and Ireland

That explains why the date varies each year! This year, that date falls on Sunday thirty first March. Run out and seize that card and present in case you haven’t finished so already!

4: Mother’s Day is one of the maximum famous days of the year for ingesting out

Mother day fun facts is one of the most popular days of the year for eating out

If you’ve now no longer been stuck out through this one withinside the past, you should be a highly-organised individual! Make the ones reservations ASAP, until you’re inclined to throw to your chef’s hat and prepare dinner dinner up a typhoon to affect Mum yourself.

5: In America, Mother’s Day turned into based through Anna Jarvis

Mother day fun facts shop

In the States, Mother’s Day turned into first celebrated in 1907, way to Jarvis. Ironically, she later went directly to protest the holiday, criticising how overly commercialised it had become. Still, it’s first-class to deal with Mum every so often and remind her that she is loved.

6: Carnations are the flora generally related to Mother’s Day

follower Mother day fun facts

Struggling to choose that ideal bouquet, in reality carnations are the manner to go. This way of life is obvious round the arena too, in Japan it’s far conventional to provide your mom a purple carnation, for example.

7: In the UK, round thirty million playing cards are despatched on Mother’s Day

Postbox mother's day fun facts

30 million! An unfathomable amount! That is lots of labor for the coolest publish males and females of the UK!

8: Traditionally, the meals maximum related to Mothering Sunday is Simnel Cake

Simnel Cake

Unsure what a simnel cake is? It is in reality a fruit cake with a layer of almond paste overlaying the pinnacle and the middle. The cake is adorned with 11 balls of marzipan to symbolize the 11 disciples, minus Judas.

 9: The oldest first-time mom withinside the global changed into 70

Crib fun fact of mother's day

That’s right. In 2008 Rajo Devi, gave delivery to her first toddler and changed into 70 years antique on the time.

10: Mother’s Day is well known in forty-six international locations across the global

Globes fun facts of mother's day 2021


Mother’s Day is a well-set up way of life across the global, however, it’s celebrated at special instances of the year depending on what us of a you’re in, so don’t get confused! Just to reiterate, Mother’s Day withinside the UK this year falls on thirty-first March!

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